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The catalogue is the most extensive collection of live performances, including live performances by some of the world’s most popular touring artists, such as Metallica, Pearl Jam, Dead & Company, and Billy Strings, as well as many new acts to discover.

Live Music Streaming in HiFi Watch Live Concerts
Live Music Streaming in HiFi Watch Live Concerts

What Is available to stream on is a treasure trove of live music content, with audio and video concerts on demand and frequent live streams, and your $50 subscription deal grants you unlimited access to all streaming content on the site. Subscribers also save 15% on downloads and livestream tickets.’s video is arguably its most appealing aspect, with live streams and on-demand archival content. Live streams are quite common, displaying real-time streams of concerts from all over the world. For a limited time after the show, many of these live shows are also available as on-demand videos. Furthermore, live shows are frequently available for download after the fact—sometimes for free if you have a ticket (i.e., if you go to an in-person show, you can download a high-res recording afterwards).

Over 15,000 exclusive live concerts are available for streaming at any time via on-demand audio. The catalogue is extensive, encompassing both newly recorded performances and archival material from certain bands dating back decades (everyone from the Grateful Dead to Metallica). In addition to the video, offers over 250,000 high-fidelity live audio tracks.

Of course, isn’t the only service that provides on-demand concerts, performance live streams, and concert audio—streaming behemoths like HBO Max, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video all have collections of live recorded concerts. However, has the most live music content across most genres and eras. subscription price

What Are the Prices for Nugs? Cost and Subscription

Both one-time purchases and subscriptions are available on Unrestricted access to on-demand video content and unlimited access to audio music is included in a basic subscription, which costs $12.99 per month or $129.99 annually.

Additionally, members of this subscription receive discounts of 15% or more on CD, download, and live stream purchases (these can also be purchased at full price without a subscription).

With the most recent promotion, a full year of streaming is only $50 (less than $4 per month). In comparison, Spotify has no video or live-streaming content and costs $120 per year or $9.99 per month.

An annual subscription to the basic tier, which usually costs $129.99, is covered by the new offer. For more information and to sign up, visit this page.

Choose the HiFi subscription, which costs $24.99 per month or $249.99 per year, if you want 360-degree audio and MQA-quality audio streaming.

Note: Depending on the quality you select, you can also buy individual video concerts for $9.95 to $24.99 (without the subscriber discount). Additionally, some shows are offered as CD sets, which range in price from $23 to $26.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Nugs free trial?

The free trial lasts for 7 days. Explore the exclusive catalogue of live concert recordings, free for seven days. $12.99/month following a 7-day free trial. Final Review is a great concept. While supporting their favourite musicians, fans can experience live music-like experiences at home with HD video and high-quality audio. For the right music fan,’s library is very impressive, and the high-definition, high-fidelity live streams are a great way to socialise with your family or close friends.

When it comes to live music, has an advantage over the larger video streamers thanks to these two features: high-quality music and a large catalogue. Additionally, you can access an unlimited number of live streams, on-demand concerts, music playlists, and exclusive content for an entire year for just $50. If you enjoy music and live streams, you should take advantage of this offer. Sign up for and view the complete terms.



Nugs is a streaming platform that allows you to watch superior-quality videos and enjoy super-quality audio. In this article, we explain how to pay a subscription on the platform and use it to get the best value.

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