How to Cancel BarkBox Subscription (2024 Updates)

Hey there! Let’s explore how to cancel BarkBox subscription.

Like receiving goodies in boxes and admiring surprises? Your dogs will agree!

Subscription platforms and containers have become quite popular among humans, and they’re now pivoting to the world of dogs.

BarkBox is among the most popular subscription boxes for pups.

Every month, the box will arrive at your door with nibbles, delights, and play items to keep your dogs happy and excited.

What if you are in a situation where your dogs do not enjoy the contents of the boxes, and you are receiving far more monthly than you want?

However, what if your dogs don’t like the items in the boxes, and you’re getting much more every month than you need? Remember to cancel your Barkbox subscription before it renews automatically to avoid a nasty surprise.

What is BarkBox?

Barkbox is a subscription service box that best suits your dog. You can personalize your own box by supplying details about your dog, such as sex, weight (small 0-20lbs, medium 20-50lbs, large 50+lbs), breed, and food intolerances.

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How to Cancel Barkbox Subscription

There are two possible ways to cancel your Barkbox subscription: contacting their customer service team or simply clicking a button on their website.

In either case, BarkBox makes it simple for everyone to cancel their subscription at any time.

Contact Barkbox Customer Service

However, we suggest you go through the 2nd method as this one is not as fast and effective!

You can cancel your subscription at any time by sending an email to [email protected] if you would rather get in touch with a customer service agent at BarkBox via email.

When you contact customer support, ensure that you add your BarkBox account number and that you wish to cancel your subscription.

As soon as you send them your request, they will be able to cancel your subscription for you. By sending the company an email, you can also inform them why you’re not happy with your subscription at the moment. They will even help you come up with a better solution tailored to your needs.

If your subscription is fixed for a year, you can still cancel it; just contact customer care and ask how.

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Cancel your BarkBox subscription online

This is the fastest method to cancel your subscription, and once it’s finalized, you can be confident that your account won’t be charged again.

By signing into your BarkBox account on their website, you can notify them that you don’t want your monthly subscription to be renewed once the current commitment has expired.

If you paid upfront for any boxes, they will still be sent to you after you decide to discontinue your subscription.

  • Visit, click “login” on the upper right side, and enter your login details to access your account.
  • Once you have logged in, select “account” from the menu on the upper right side.
  • Navigate to the lower area of your account profile and click “subscription settings”. You should be able to access complete data about your subscription package, such as the renewal date.
  • Click to update your plan, and you’ll see the “disable subscription auto renewal” button – Select it.
  • Once you have selected that option, it will indicate that you don’t want to continue paying and getting boxes. Before the third of every month, if you select “deactivate,” you won’t receive any extra boxes until you subscribe again.
  • However, if you decide to cancel your subscription after the third, you will still get one more box.

Pros and Cons of BarkBox


  • The box can be tailored to suit your dog.
  • BarkBox donates 10% of its earnings to animal shelters and rescue organizations.
  • While toys come from all over the globe, the highest-quality delicacies are only available in the United States and Canada.
  • You can buy more supplies for your dog.
  • Customer support is always available.
  • You can swap out any items your dog doesn’t like with something else.
  • They have discount codes and rebates accessible on many websites.


  • Several of their toy designs are not very safe; for example, chewing toys with only one hole might cause dogs’ tongues to become stuck.
  • There are no boxes for cats.
  • For those who enjoy shopping at pet stores and make monthly spending of less than $20, it might not be worthwhile.
  • If you want to cancel your Barkbox subscription, you must do it yourself. A year’s worth of Barkbox subscription fees could be lost if you fail to cancel.

FAQs and Answers

Is BarkBox worth it in 2024?

Many BarkBox reviews are extremely encouraging. The subscription service is well-liked by dogs and their owners. They appreciate the selection of toys and sweets and genuinely love the monthly theme variety. According to numerous buyer reviews, dogs become excited as soon as the box is delivered.

Is there a one-time fee for BarkBox?

No. BarkBox is a monthly subscription service that sends your dog specially formulated toys and snacks. Every toy is made by their in-house staff, and we work with American farmers to get the finest all-natural snacks and nibbles. Each box is designed around a unique theme, making each month a fresh experience.


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