Top 12 Discord Dating Servers

Discord Dating Servers…

While Discord is most commonly used to link gamers who work together to win a game, it may also be used for a variety of other purposes.

There are numerous Discord dating server types available. People can locate like-minded people in practically any category. But what if they’re on the lookout for love? We’ll go over the 12 most popular Discord dating servers on the internet in this post.

What is a Discord Dating Server?

Discord dating server is a Discord server designed to facilitate other members meeting new individuals for prospective relationships. The greatest dating sites offer a variety of methods for connecting individuals. In order to let people know what you are searching for, they will also let you add roles to your profile.

Top 12 Discord Dating Servers

1. World’s  Lounge

World's Lounge interface
World’s Lounge Interface

You must read and accept the rules before you can view anything else in World’s Lounge. The remainder of the server will thereafter be accessible (outside of the NSFW channels). You will need to select a different position before having one of the on-duty moderators verify your age in order to see those.

You can add information about your age, gender, sexual orientation, location, kinks, and relationship status, as well as whether or not you want DMs. In order to help others know what you are searching for, there are also introductory areas where you can include some personal information about yourself.

This dating service offers numerous options for chat and image channels. They frequently host competitions as well.

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2. Little Bunny

little bunny interface
Little Bunny

There are multiple text channels as well as a few audio chat channels on this dating server. Several people were active in both when I was reviewing the server. If the server does not offer all you require, you can always request a new feature through their suggestions channel.

When you initially join Little Bunny, one of the first things you’ll do is assign yourself many roles. Gender, age, sexuality, status, location, religion, zodiac sign, height, and several other interests.

The server has a comprehensive set of policies in place to keep it and its users safe. They also list prohibited offenses and allow members to contact the moderation team if they encounter any issues. You must be confirmed in order to view the NSFW channels.

3. PlayRoom

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Playroom is one of the most popular dating servers . Because of the numerous connections available, you can meet new individuals online. Before you may connect with others, you must first authenticate yourself by completing their verification process.

Consequently, because of the server’s size, Playroom does provide some paid alternatives that allow you to post in more rooms, produce emotes, and update your profile more frequently. There is no financial obligation.

People are continuously speaking in chat rooms and mingling in the lobby and other areas, which keeps the server busy. They also provide a variety of options, such as “Blind match,” which allows you to engage in a 5-minute speed dating session with another participant.

4. Cutie Club

Cutie Club Discord Dating Server
Cutie Club Discord Dating Server

After joining the Cutie Club, you will receive a message from a bot asking you to add your gender or age to access the server. Several channels on the 18+ server let you communicate with other users, look through profiles, and upload selfies.

If you come across someone you’d like to date, send them a DM request. On the server, frequent conversations are going on about practically any subject. Don’t forget to share your advice on the dating advice channel once you’ve mastered the dating game for yourself so that other Discord users can find their own cutie.

5. Beautiful People


Beautiful People work to bring together like-minded people from all over the world. It’s a group of people that only value superficial things like your physical appearance as being worthwhile.

6. TheCoffee


TheCoffee is a discord dating server channel that is tagged with anime, conversation, events, coffee, and other topics. With this discord group, you can discuss subjects, communicate with others, and become an elite coffee member.

7. Noose 18+

Noose 18+ Discord server
Noose 18+ Discord server

While anyone of any age can join Noose 18+, you must submit a photo of yourself and a valid photo ID to gain access to the NSFW channels. There are over 1,000 people on the server.

You can choose your gender, sexual orientation, and relationship status in Noose 18+. Other members will be able to see if you are accessible this way.

Noose 18+ also frequently holds giveaways, allowing members to win items. They even have voice chat rooms where you may talk to other server members.

8. Sinful 18+

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Sinful 18+ is another well-known Discord dating server. You must use one of the mods to prove your age and gender to the server.

You can add gender, age, sexual orientation, relationship status, and location on this server. You’ll be able to add a personal profile to the server’s list with details about who you are and what you’re looking for once your identity has been validated.

You can upload images, interact with people, and build relationships with potential online dating partners via the server’s many channels.

9. Sofa Dating

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Sofa Dating is a discord dating server channel with a welcoming community, no catfishing system, and a teen-friendly environment. It will be an excellent site to locate companions if you enjoy watching cartoons.

10 Blue Club

Blue Club Discord Dating Server Interface
Blue Club discord dating server

Blue Club is a very active dating community with Voice Chat and E-Dating. It also has a welcoming community with busy chat rooms and a strong verification system.

11 Global Surreal Club

Global Surreal Club Discord Dating Server
Global Surreal Club Discord Dating Server

Global Surreal Club is an 18+ discord dating server that is quite interactive for young people. This is the place to go if you want to date or make new friends.

12. Tincord

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Tincord is a dating server channel on Discord that features a Tinder-like bot and offers a good community where everyone can hang out and chat.


Discord is a fantastic social tool for individuals worldwide to gather and have casual conversations. The list of Discord dating servers given above is useful for anyone looking for a mature and organized environment to hang out without any limits. However, you should always be wary of the NSFW warning!

Please let us know in the comments section if you know of any other Discord dating servers that should be mentioned.


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