How to Cancel Google Voice

Hello there, If you are looking for how to cancel Google Voice, then this article is designed just for you.

How to Cancel Google Voice

Google Voice is a Google voice mail service that enables users to send free text messages, customise their voicemail, read voicemail text transcripts, and more. Google’s voicemail service is available for free to all Gmail users.

Google Voice is available for organisations to use. However, if you wish to stop using the voice service in your organisation, you can cancel your subscription.

In order to stop being billed on a monthly flex plan, you have to cancel your subscription immediately, otherwise, you will keep getting billed.

Cancelling your Voice subscription only cancels your voice licenses but does not cancel your other subscriptions such as G Suite.

In this article, I will share with you how you can easily cancel Google Voice.

Things to Do Before Cancelling Google Voice

Here are the things you must do first before you cancel your Google Voice subscription.

Save user data: Before cancelling your Voice subscription, first, save your Voice data. Though you won’t be able to use the voice features, you can save your data before it is deleted automatically.

To save your user data, you can use the data export tool.

Save Billing records: If you need access to your billing records, then you have to also save them because, immediately after your Voice account is deleted, you will also lose access to your invoice or billing records.

Port out numbers: Port out the phone numbers to another service provider. For details, go to Port out Google Voice numbers.

How to Cancel Google Voice

1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Billing

3. Next to your Google Voice subscription, click Actions > Cancel subscription.

4. Choose when you want your cancellation to take effect:

  • Suspend subscription for 4 days. You can undo your cancellation in these 4 days. After 4 days, we permanently delete all licenses and data.
  • Cancel my subscription now and delete all data and licences.

5. At the bottom right, click Continue With Cancellation.

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That’s all on how to cancel Google Voice. I hope this article helps.

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