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Do you sometimes feel bored by the whole procedure that comes with finding a romantic partner? Do you most of the time, find it hard to approach someone you have feelings for to make your intentions known? Are you interested in creating a profile on Facebook for dating?

Facebook has created a platform to make it all easy, and it is known as the Facebook app.

In this article, I will tell you all you need to know about the Facebook dating app, and the Facebook dating profile. I will also show you how to set your Facebook dating profile.

Facebook dating profile 2021

In addition to Facebook’s numerous features, a dating feature has been designed. Facebook overtime left the dating feature out of its platform. However, it has recently been observed that the social media platform is including it.

What are the chances of Facebook thriving in this competitive sector?

The is the question that comes up in people’s minds after hearing the announcement of the launching. For a feature that is very new, Facebook dating is faring well.

Position reviews have been rolling out since the establishment of this feature. Users who have been opportune to make use of the feature have been greatly impressed.

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if you are new to Facebook dating, don’t worry, as I will show you all the necessary information to keep at the back of your mind while making use of this feature so as to enable the best out of it.

What you need to set up a dating profile on Facebook

The first and most important question to ask as a new user on the feature is what do I need to set up a dating profile on Facebook?

The first thing to know is that the Facebook dating profile is a page that holds within it your details you need the feature. Through this profile, you’ll be able to see and know when you’re being visited.

Setting up your profile on this network doesn’t require much. Don’t forget that Facebook dating is a feature within the Facebook platform and not a stand-alone app.

This, therefore, means that the only way to access the dating feature is by creating a personal profile on Facebook. To create this Facebook profile, visit www.facebook.com.

You’ll also need to be at a region where the feature is supported and available before you can set up a Facebook dating profile.

The feature is yet to be supported in all regions. So if you find yourself in an unsupported region, you’ll have to wait till it’s available. But if it’s available in your region, you can proceed with setting up.

How to set up a dating profile on Facebook

Facebook automatically uses your information on your Instagram and Facebook accounts to help you set your dating profile.

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Personal information taken may include; Your name, Age, Profile picture, and a few others.

You can set up your Facebook dating profile by visiting www.facebook.com/dating or you simply select the dating icon from your Facebook account page. The dating icon is located next to the group icon.

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