Deactivate Facebook Account – Facebook Account Deactivate

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Are you addicted to Facebook and you want to temporarily stay off the account, then it is essential you temporarily deactivate the account?

A lot of people can get bored with the interactive nature of Facebook. This can be done by a period of inactiveness.  Deactivation will mean you won’t be found on Facebook will you reactive your account.

Deactivate Facebook Account

Deactivation of Facebook is simply a way of removing your account temporarily from Facebook. It is easy and can be done through the app as well. It is essential you sign in to your account before deactivation.

What happens when you Deactivate your account?

If you’ve made up your mind to deactivate your Facebook account, here are some things you should accept;

  • Your profile will no longer be active on the platform.
  • Nobody should be able to find you with your username.
  • Your username will stay still be available on the fried list of your friends.
  • Your post will still be available in groups but will only be seen by group Admins.

You need to think of these things before deactivating your account on Facebook.

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