Dating On Facebook 2022: Facebook Dating App | Facebook Dating Review

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The Facebook dating app is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. Many users prefer it to other dating sites out there.

If you are yet to make use of the Facebook dating app, then you might be wondering what is so special about it that a lot of people seem to prefer it to others.

Dating On Facebook 2022

A lot of persons are still wondering if it is possible to date on Facebook, or how it is even done.

The truth is that it is very much possible to date on Facebook, as lot of Facebook users have been able to meet their lovers on Facebook, that even ended up in marriage.

All this is made possible since the creation of the Facebook dating feature. For those who are still not familiar of what the dating feature is all about, here are a few things you must know.

The Facebook dating feature is a recently launched feature designed for users to be able to find single ladies and guys in their location right inside their Facebook account.

As you may already know, Facebook was designed to allow users to connect with friends and families. Hence, the dating feature is also another method to drive home their goal.

Now you have an idea of what the Facebook dating feature is all about, it is essential you understand that for you to use the Facebook dating feature or any other Facebook feature at that, you must abide by Facebook terms and conditions.

Is Facebook Dating Available In My Location?

The Facebook dating feature is a new feature is a recently released feature, and as such, is not yet available in all regions.

Hence, you may discover that the Facebook feature is not available to you in your Facebook account; and that is because the feature is still being rolled out, and is yet to get to your location.

However, if you wish to access the Facebook dating feature, and you don’t yet have a Facebook account, you will first of all have to create a new Facebook account. You can create a Facebook account simply by accessing the link However, note that you will have to be in a region that has access to Facebook dating, for you to use the feature.

Facebook Dating Features

Before getting started with Facebook, it is good to understand the features of Facebook dating, and how the platform operates.

Talking about the Facebook dating platform, a lot of people think that the Facebook dating app is an independent app. Hence they go online searching for how to download the Facebook dating.

But this is not true, as the dating app is not different from the Facebook mobile app. That is why I said earlier that you must be a Facebook user before you can access the Facebook dating app.

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How to See People Who View Your Profile On Facebook

When you set a dating profile on the Facebook dating feature, the profile is separate from your main Facebook profiles.

Also, users can now link their Instagram accounts to the dating feature. Other cool and interesting features on the platform include the secret crush feature.

After setting up a profile on dating, Facebook will suggest other users to you based on similar interests and likes. However, Facebook will not suggest people who are already on your Facebook friends list to you.

But with the secret crush feature users can be able to by-pass this feature on the platform by being able to add up to nine Facebook and Instagram followers to a list.

How to Access Facebook Dating

Facebook dating can be accessed on your Facebook account page. The dating icon (love shape) is located close to the groups and watch icons. Or if you do not find it there you can go to the menu page and access it from there. Or instead, you can go toΒ

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