How to Cancel Expensify account subscription (2024 Updates)

Hello! Do you want to know how to cancel your Expensify account subscription? Here is it.

Expensify is a smart payment tool that automates money management for individuals and businesses worldwide. Over nine million people use Expensify’s free versions, which comprise business cards, expense management, next-day repayment, invoice processing, payment services, and ticketing in one app. It is 100% free.

Expensify makes it simple to balance the accounts for your clientele, oversee a team, or run your own small business, leaving you with more time to attend to other important things.

How to Cancel Expensify Account Subscription

To cancel your Expensify account subscription, do this:

  • Sign into your Expensify account by clicking here.
  • Head to “Settings” in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Account,” then navigate below to the “Delete Account” section
  • Give a brief reason for the cancellation and toggle the confirmation box.
  • Select “Delete my account.”

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Alternative to Expensify


With only a few clicks on their mobile devices or computer browsers, employees can make bookings for international and domestic flights, car hire, hotels, and trains. Concur integrates traveling documents with expense reporting in a seamless way, and all bookings and credit card charges are instantly uploaded.

Receipt Bank

This is a quick and easy bookkeeping automation tool that saves auditors, clerks and small business owners both time and money. It eliminates the need to perform manual data entry by retrieving important information from the invoices, records, and bills of your clients.

Bento for Business

Use Bento to manage the funds that employees spend and where they spend it. With this tool, you can use one click to toggle cards on and off. Set up spending limits, get instant notifications and enjoy convenience.


Ramp helps business owners set up unlimited virtual and physical cards in place of account reports. Cut your expenses, simplify your accounting, and receive a 1.5% rebate on everything.


Travel and expense tracking is simple with Rydoo. All you have to do is install the app. Everyone can relax and coast from here on out.


It’s a set of accounting tools. Whenever you want, you may browse and update your account using a PC, laptop, iPad, or smartphone. Set user privileges so that your bookkeeper or colleague can sign in and do their work.

Invoice Ninja

This is an open-source platform for billing clients and keeping track of payments, costs, and time-billable services. Invest less time in work and focus on living. Create and email. Earn Money.


It streamlines expense performance management and provides an advanced approach to booking business trips with a quick, mobile-first framework.

FAQs and Answers

What kinds of customers and organizations use Expensify?

Expensify is used by the following organization types: Mid-tier Businesses, Microenterprises, enterprises, Remote workers, Charitable organizations, and Government.

What languages are available on Expensify’s product?

English is among the languages Expensify offers.

What types of customer support capabilities does Expensify offer?

Expensify provides online, live service around the clock and during business hours.

Does Expensify have a smartphone application?

Yes, Expensify has a smartphone app for iOS devices and Android.

What kind of training is offered by Expensify?

Expensify offers training through webinars, live online classes, and tutorials.

How do I remove all my expenses from Expensify?

Deactivating a connected card can delete all expenses filed through it. Once the card is deactivated, all Unreported and Open expenses will be permanently deleted.

Does Expensify track income?

Yes. One of Expensify’s features is the automation of expenses and income tracking by connecting bank, credit card, and mortgage accounts for free. Users can search and track expenses with ease via Expensify’s iOS and Android apps.


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