Block all Game Requests and App Notifications on Facebook


Block all Game Requests and App Notifications on Facebook guide 2020.

How about if I show you how to easily and quickly block all those annoying Facebook game requests.

Block all Game Requests and App Notifications on Facebook

This also works for blocking app notifications too. I hope you find this useful.

A lot of people love playing games and using those Facebook apps, but many others would rather give up their thumb.

If you fall into the later category, you probably aren’t all that thrilled to see a brand new game or app invitation pop up in your facebook notifications area – I know the feeling. | unblock on facebook

Today is your lucky day though, there’s a way(an easy way) to block all facebook game and app invitations, now and forever!

Lets begin:

Please understand that: The steps highlighted below will stop notifications from ALL Facebook games and apps(there are no exceptions).

Therefore you need to be totally sure you want to do this before continuing on(it’s a big decision, lol).

If you’re sure, let’s us begin…

step 1 – Log in Facebook account and click the arrow shaped settings icon in the top right corner.

step 2 – Click on Settings link.

step 3 – Click the Apps link over in the left-hand column.

step 4 – Find the Game and App Notifications section and click the Edit link.

step 5 – Click the Turn Off button.

That’s it. Tell me that was not considerably easier than you thought? Tell me.

Hence, you will not receive any other game or app invitation. It’s not death though, you can change your mind later and turn “App and Game Notifications” back on simply by reversing the choice you made in step number 5.

NB: Turning off “Game and App Notifications” doesn’t stop you from playing games and apps yourself(I should have mentioned this at the beginning. But there you have it). Disabling the stop will just stop you from receiving those consistent beeps.

I remeber when this setting option was not available. The only way to avoid game requests was to completely disable the Apps Platform (which was not cool. It left you unable to use games and apps at all). Lets thank Facebook for this new cooler way of managing game requests and app notifications.

Super tip: Do you dislike getting tons of email notification from Facebook? Follow the instructions in here to turn off all email notifications!

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