Best ways to Remove Security Tags

Want to know the secret to removing tags from newly acquired garments? Removing a tag off an item of clothing without ripping the fabric requires patience and care. Here are the best ways to remove security tags. Before we go further, let us find out what a security tag is.

Security tags are placed on merchandise at most establishments to deter theft. If you leave the store with these security tags still on, they will be triggered. Security tags are meant to prevent thieves from stealing your clothes, but employees may forget to remove them during busy times.

Maybe you ordered a new wardrobe online, but the garments arrived with the security tags still attached. These tags can be difficult to remove, and if you aren’t careful, you could potentially cause damage to the garment. Don’t be concerned any longer. We will explain the best ways to remove security tags from your clothing without damaging it.

When you go home with your brand-new purchase, you discover that the cashier neglected to remove the security tag. A security tag can be removed at home, saving you a trip to the store. Whatever kind of security tag you have—ink or magnetic—we’ve compiled a few simple ways to get rid of it quickly and easily. Read on to learn various techniques, from simple rubber bands to magnets that might help.

What Are Security Tags?

A security tag is a small signal transmitter that firms attach to their products, particularly clothing. If someone tries to steal the item and passes through the exit without paying or removing the tag, the tag will sound like an alert.

Most products with security tags are clothing, accessories, and booze. The security tag is applied using a pin that passes through the fabric of the goods in the case of apparel and soft items. After that, the pin is locked into the security tag.

There are two types of security tags used by businesses- mechanical locks and magnetic locks. There is a wide range of magnetic lock strengths to choose from. The higher the magnetic power, the harder it is to remove the tag.

If you’re trying to remove a security tag, you’ll need the right tools. Security tags come in several shapes, including circular, cube, and pencil. Studies suggest that circular tags are the most difficult to remove.

Mechanical Security Tags

Mechanical tags are the easiest to remove. These tags use pins or mechanical fasteners to attach them to the clothes. There are various ways to remove these mechanical tags that we will talk about later in this article.

Magnetic Security Tags

The removal of magnetic security tags is the most time-consuming and labor-intensive option. To de-magnetize them, you must have the proper equipment. You could ruin your clothes if you don’t know how to remove them properly.

Ink-based Security Tags

To avoid the high cost, ink tags have fallen out of favor. The ink is contained in a tiny glass tube that could break if you try to open it with too much effort. You can tell it’s an ink tag because the ink inside is translucent.

There are ink tags. However, that doesn’t feature a viewing window. If so, remove the tag with the same caution you would use to remove an ink tag. If you want to keep the ink from getting on your clothes, follow the label’s directions.

Best ways to Remove Security Tags

Here are a few step-by-step ways to remove security tags

1. Making Use of Rubber Bands

  • Flip the tag over so that the ink cartridge is on the bottom. The protruding ink cartridge is the visible part of the tag. It’s the side of the pin you don’t often use.
  • Remove the tag from the garment. Keep your distance so the ink won’t do as much damage to your clothing if the sensor fails.
  • Fasten a rubber band around the security tag’s pin. Thin rubber bands with appropriate width and thickness to wrap around a pin are ideal for this application. The pin can be loosened with this method.
  • With one hand, you hold the ink tag’s main body. With your free hand, take out the pin. Pins should apply enough force that the tag’s pin breaks or easily separates from the rest. Try it again if the first rubber band doesn’t accomplish the trick.

2. Using a Screwdriver

Homemade tools for removing security tags from garments include a flat-headed screwdriver.

  • First, lay out the clothing with the ink cartridge facing up. Slide a thin flathead screwdriver underneath the square pyramid cartridge and turn it.
  • Press down firmly on the cartridge with the screwdriver. The plastic ought to be pierced and, after that, pulled up by this. By depressing the screwdriver’s handle, you can lift the outer edge of the plastic housing.
  • Once you’ve taken out the ink cartridge, you’ll see a metal plate covered by silver paper. Remove the shiny covering.
  • Using the screwdriver, pry up one of the metal arms holding the pin.
  • Just unhook the pin from the tag. The tag can be removed as soon as the pin is free to pass through the hole.

3. Through Freezing

  • Freezing clothing is yet another option for removing security tags. If you’re going to remove a tag from frozen clothing, take it off and give it a rest for at least an hour.
  • You can use common household implements like pliers or scissors to get rid of them. You may use a rubber band if you don’t have any pliers or scissors. Because the ink is frozen solid, the tag can be frozen to eliminate any risk of leaking.

4. By Hitting The Tag

  • Pull the tag away from the garment several times to force the pin.
  • Obtain a substantial nail. The nail’s head should be at least the width of a cent for proper fitting.
  • Just pull the tag out of the garment, and it will come off. The long plastic end of the tag should be kept out of the way.
  • Put some pressure on the cartridge to pop it open. Tap the ink cartridge gently on a hard surface a few times to loosen the seal and release the ink. It can take twenty or more whacks before you get it right. If you strike the tag too hard, it can explode.

5. Using Needle-nose pliers

  • Arrange the garment so that the ink cartridge is facing up.
  • Get a hold of the tag on one end with a pair of pliers.
  • Pick up the tag on the flip side with clean pliers.
  • Softly flatten both ends of the tag with the pliers. If you bend it too far, the ink can smear.
  • Don’t stop bending until the door flies open. If the pin is tight, pull on it to loosen it.

6. Using a Powerful Magnet

Many store security tags are vulnerable to electromagnetic devices. Use a strong magnet to draw them out of your house and your life. Place the tag on the magnet with the ink cartridge or dome down. There should be a noise when the tag is turned off. You can remove the tag’s pins by twisting them in opposite directions.

7. Burning the Tag

  • Use a lighter to scorch the tag’s dome-shaped top. It’s plastic, so it will probably catch fire after a few seconds of burning.
  • Cut the dome in half using a knife or other sharp instrument.
  • As you continue scooping in, spring and tag will almost certainly appear.

8. Using Candle And Plier

You only need a candle and some cutting pliers for this procedure.

  • Be sure to heat the dome of the tag using a candle thoroughly.
  • The spring attached to the base cylinder must be detached first, so get a pair of pliers and cut away the melted plastic.
  • The next thing you’ll see is a needle inside a ball bearing. Carefully pull the needle out.

9. Using Two Forks

Remove the security tags with just two forks, even though it seems impossible.

  • To do this, you will need to use two forks and insert them on the opposite sides of the tags.
  • Pull them opposite to release the tag and access the clasp. This is a top-tier strategy for eradicating tags.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of magnet do I need to remove a security tag?

In-store use of an electromagnetic device can disable many security tags. To get rid of them in the comfort of your home, you need a strong magnet, like a hard drive magnet. Lay the tag on the magnet with the ink dome or cartridge pointing down. When the tag is deactivated, you’ll hear a click. To remove the tag’s pins, wiggle them up and down.

Can I remove the tag by cutting the wire?

The cartridge in a security tag for clothing is designed to be held in place by one or more pins. Severing the wire may be possible if you can fit a wire cutter between the tag’s two halves, but the pins are thick and may be difficult to maneuver. An alternative would be to use a Dremel tool, but keep in mind that doing so may damage your garments.

Is there a way to know if these tags trigger door alarms?

While this is true of most stores, there are several exceptions where they are not intended to trigger an alarm.


After reading this article on the best ways to remove security tags, we hope you feel more confident in your ability to remove security tags without resorting to third-party software or hardware. We’re crossing our fingers that this is useful. Do not risk ruining an expensive article of clothing without presenting the receipt to the store from which it was purchased. It is against the law to engage in any of the following forms of shoplifting activity.


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