How to Rate a Doordasher

As a customer, you can easily rate a doordasher after the delivery. With the rating, you can easily evaluate how well the driver has done after you have gotten your item. If you are pleased with your delivery and how you were treated, then you can drop a good rating for the doordasher. However, if the doordasher was rude or you are unsatisfied with the delivery process, you can drop a negative rating. Be sure that your rating is a way of giving feedback to the doordasher’s service and contributing to a pleasant experience for you.


How to Rate a Doordasher

Why Rate a Doordasher?

Aside from providing feedback about the delivery service, here are other reasons for rating a doordasher:

1. Fostering trust and decision-making

Before making a meal order on the platform, a lot of customers look out for reviews or ratings of doordashers. This is very similar to word-of-mouth recommendations. For this reason, doordashers try to provide quality delivery services to foster trust and attract patronage.


2. Quality Assurance.

Customers rely on the words of other customers. By providing a rating system on Doordash, the company has put in place a quality assurance system, helping you and other customers make better choices for quality food delivery.


3. Constructive Feedback for Improvement.

Ratings are also an opportunity to get valuable opinions on how to improve. When you drop a negative rating on Doordash, you show ways the doordasher can improve, helping them provide better services. This is a great opportunity for service providers to transform flaws into advantages and forestall a repeated occurrence.

In the next section, we will explore ways you can rate doordashers (or DoorDash drivers) without hassle.


Rating a Doordasher


How to Rate a Doordasher

Here are ways you can rate the food delivery platform:

1. Use the Order Manager app

If you can access the Doordash app, there is a feature that lets you leave a negative or positive rating. All you have to do is:

  • Navigate to the Order Manager app.
  • Access the order information display and select the “Give Feedback button”.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to drop your feedback.
  • Endeavour to share your experience with the quality of delivery service, whether good or bad. Also, you can be specific and indicate which aspect of the service was good or identify areas for improvement.
  • Honest feedback will assist the platform in learning about your engagement with the door dashers and add value to their service delivery and professionalism.
  • Also, if the experience was so terrible that you wouldn’t wish to interact with the Dasher or do business with them, be sure to choose the “Block this Dash” feature. And then drop a comment or choose one of the reasons provided to inform the platform of any information they ought to be aware of.


2. Merchant Portal

As we have noted, feedback is highly crucial on the platform. You can also drop your rating on Doordash through the merchant portal.  Here’s how:

  • All you have to do is navigate to the Orders tab.
  • Then, you will access the delivery you want to offer feedback on, and then tap “Rate” beside the name of the Dasher.
  • Next, choose your rating, which can either be great, good, or poor.


How to Boost Doordash Customer Rating

Are you looking for how to boost your Doordash customer rating? Then this section is for you. I will briefly explain how you can enhance your rating on Doordash.

Doordash rating is very unique for a lot of reasons. The fact is that customers can be quite erratic and hard to predict. However, there are strategies you can use to appease them and improve your rating.

Firstly, through positive engagement and being honest when dealing with customers, it can encourage them to leave a nice rating for you on Doordash. When you encounter a delay or issue when making delivery, you shouldn’t hesitate to let them know on time.

When you promptly make your delivery, you can send them a pleasant message using this sample.

“Hi (name of customer)! Thanks for using DoorDash. If you are happy with the service you got today kindly use the app to leave a 5 star rating!”

Other tips for improving your ratings include:

  • Politely request that merchants confirm every order item; however, never open bags that are sealed.
  • Make use of hot bags to make meal deliveries so they stay at a good temperature.
  • Do not place cold and hot items together during delivery so they won’t affect one another.
  • Note and adhere to the pickup details provided by the merchant and the delivery by the customer.
  • Always notify customers whenever there are delays or you need further clarification for the delivery.



Other Types of DoorDash Ratings

Some other kinds of DoorDash ratings to be aware of include:

  • Completion rate.
  • Acceptance rate.
  • Early or on-time percentage rate.

The acceptance rate is used to describe sent orders that you have accepted. As a DoorDasher, you are free to decline or accept any order you wish.

The completion rate is very important. It is a metric that shows the last hundred accepted orders and their completion. While it is typical for drivers to accept an order and later cancel due to some reasons, it shouldn’t be done all the time. Any completion rate under 80% will result in deactivation.

Early rate is the measure of the number of orders you have delivered at the expected period or time that is on the DoorDash platform. It is not a very important rate. However, early completion of delivery will improve your customer rating.



The customer rating on Doordash is very important. In this article, I explained the rating system on DoorDash, how it works, and ways you can rate. Ensure you drop an accurate rating after the dasher delivers your order items.

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