How to Play Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game – Complete Details on Facebook Thug Life Game | Cheats and Hack

If you are very familiar with Facebook, you should know by now that Facebook has gone beyond just chatting with friends and meeting new people.

How to Play Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game

A lot of amazing features have been added to Facebook recently which makes it always up to date with the latest global trend.

One of such recent features added to Facebook recently is the Facebook messenger games. With Facebook messenger games, users can now play exciting games on messenger.

If you are a game lover, especially one that loves play online games, you will really appreciate the Facebook Messenger Thug Life game.

This game is one of the most engaging games on Facebook currently having over 7.5 million players.

This is a board game that is centered on gang war. No doubt, this is a gangster game, but you sure will have fun playing it.

Complete Details on Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game

In this game, you are required as a gang leader to mobilize thugs like yourself into crime and endless warfare in your urban residence. To carry out this you and your gang of thugs need the following:

  • Tactics
  • Weapons
  • Great ole fashion muscle

One thing about gangsterism is competing for territory. Every gang desire to gain the respect of other gangs. The setting of the Facebook Messenger Thug life game is a USA hood setting of streets in the downtown environment.

The goal of this game is simply you gaining respect. Anyone who successfully gains respect becomes the winner. However, to gain this respect, you will have to successfully carry out crime operations, that will earn you more war chest.

To begin this journey, you are given a handful of thugs and a few cards, and you are in competition with your opponents for a similar goal.

As you continue playing this game, you will engage in a fight with the corps, and other gangsters. You will also have to sell drugs, rub banks, and steal items that belong to other gangsters too.

One of the fun parts of this game is the point you get to chill and enjoy parties. Asides the endless combat with other gangsters, players can also add other players with time.

You are given the opportunity to 9 players. As you participate in criminal activities, other roles like going to jail and City hall would be introduced in the later parts of the game.

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How to Play Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game

Playing this game is very easy. Everyone who has a Facebook account is able to play this game. Next, you will have to download and install the Facebook messenger on your device.

Once you download and install it, sign in using your email or phone number and password. After you have signed in, follow the steps below to access the game.

  • Make sure your device has a good wifi connection
  • Open your Facebook Messenger App
  • Get to the search bar at the top of your page
  • Enter “Thug Life” and search
  • Click “Play Game” and wait for it to finish loading

Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game Cheats and Hack

There are many difficult parts to play in this game, hence, you will need a trick to be able to top the game. In this section, I will be showing you some cheats and hack that you can use and top on this game.

  • Download “Cheat Engine 2020 Version”
  • Open it
  • Launch the Thug Life Game on your messenger app
  • Write the value of your coins
  • Click one of them and Control “A”
  • Carefully change the value

All the above should be done in the Cheat Engine.

This game transforms you into a gang leader, allowing you to lead a group of criminals into a never-ending cycle of crime and violence in your city. You and your gang will need the following in order to accomplish this:

One aspect of the game and its gangsterism is that players compete for territory. Every group in the game strives to command the respect of the other gangs. Facebook Messenger’s thug life settings are based on the ghetto atmosphere of streets in metropolitan locations in the United States.

You must earn an extra chest by successfully completing more criminal activities in order to get the favour of another gang. You begin this adventure with only a handful of goons and a few resources. You and your opponents are competing for a prestigious goal. Any player who scores a respected goal would be the game’s winner.

As you progress through the game, you will be expected to face other gangsters as well as policemen, sell narcotics, steal stuff from other gangs, and loot banks. The best part about playing the game is that you get to hang out with other gangs and have festivities. Aside from unending fighting with other criminals, gamers can eventually add more players as time goes on. You’ll even have the opportunity to play with up to 9 other people. Other roles, such as going to prison and town hall, will be shown to you as you participate in criminal actions later in the game.

Other addictive games like Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game

Texas Holdem

Texas HoldEm is presently the most popular game on Facebook, with over 12 million monthly users. The game’s concept is straightforward: internet poker. What distinguishes it from other Facebook games? You have the option of playing with your Facebook friends or against complete strangers.

You’ll receive free poker chips every day when you sign in to the game. There are a few options for obtaining additional chips. Obviously, you can win them in a poker game the old-fashioned way. But what if you need a large number of them quickly, perhaps for a high-stakes tournament?

This is how Texas HoldEm Poker makes money.

Participating in ad-sponsored activities will win you chips. Taking a poll for a GPS business, for example, can net you 8,000 free chips. If you sign up for a free DirectTV trial, you’ll get a whopping 422,000 chips! Chips can also be purchased with actual money by PayPal, credit card, or mobile phone billing.

Pet Society

The virtual world game, Pet Society is aimed at both children and adults, making it suitable for both. It’s a tremendous success on Facebook, with nearly 11 million monthly users. You design a customized pet when you first sign in to Pet Society. You get to choose everything about it, from the color of its fur to the color of its eyes. Then you give it a name and go on with the game.

Your pet gets its own residence, which you can personalise. At the start, you can only use a limited number of accessories. As you go through the game, you’ll be able to obtain more luxurious items.

Pet Society assesses your pet’s well-being by looking at his or her health, temperament, and cleanliness. It is your responsibility to keep these levels up by feeding and bathing your pet.

You can also collect coins by interacting with your pet, which you can then exchange for great items to make your pet extra happier. Participating in advertiser surveys is another option to earn money. If you don’t want to put in the effort, you can buy coins using PayPal, a bank card, or even your smartphone.

Mafia Wars

You might have seen posts on your friends’ walls like this one, “John Smith has requested help against a Rival Family in Mafia Wars,” and got puzzled about it. It’s Mafia Wars, a Facebook game with a monthly user base of over 9.6 million Facebook users.

The goal of Mafia Wars is to move up to Godfather status by completing objectives and recruiting friends to play.

Rank, Fighting, and Respect are the three main game mechanics in Mafia Wars. To advance in the game, you must enhance these, which you may do by enlisting the help of other players and friends, collecting virtual money through illegal activities, strengthening your clan with weapons, and battling other mafia families. See? Fun for the whole family.

When you initially start playing the game, you’ll be guided by an elder named Luco. He’ll show you how to get your friends on Facebook to join the game, as well as other strategies for growing a huge family. The game is a text-based simulation rather than a virtual world. You select acts and then assemble your “family” to assist you. After that, you’ll divide the money amongst yourselves.

The game takes track of your activities, and you can share requests on your timeline anytime you need help.

The Sims Social

This game is available on multiple platforms including Facebook Games, is aimed at creating a full virtual world similar to the one you are currently be living in.

You can choose from a variety of personality (Sims character) features, including nerd, artistic, villainous, snob, rockstar, introvert, entrepreneur, athletic, and romantic.

Live it up electronically with your Facebook friends (who might well be other Sims characters), become frenemies, BFFs, form a relationship, and live the life of your dreams through your own SIM.

Zynga Poker

Poker is an extremely addictive game. This interactive card game has over 30 million regular monthly users. The game has sparked enough concerns with all these users connected to Zynga Poker.

Will Zynga succeed in establishing itself as a “real money” online poker platform? We don’t believe so, at least not at this time.I

In this game, you can select from a range of poker playing modes, including HoldEm, Tournaments, and VIP Clubs.

If you’re a fan of poker, you have nothing to lose right now.

Yes, people can fantasise about the day when those virtual dollars become actual ones, but for now, it’s entertaining, engaging, and you can compete with friends or strangers for extended periods of time.

That’s all on How to Play Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game.

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