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Successful Applicants of First Stage of the YouWiN! Connect 2017 Training

A list of successful applicants for YouWin first stage is out. To check it, click on the link that applies below.
North-East – Download
North-West – Download
North-Central – Download
South-East – Download
South-West – Download
South-South – Download
Diaspora – Download
This is a post about YouWin Nigeria – application criteria, connect, websites. Plus every other useful info you may want to know  about the 2017 YouWin Application process. I’m also giving you updates for shortlisted applicants.

What’s YouWin! Connect?

The YouWin programme aims to support young Nigerian entrepreneurs as they PLAN, START and GROW their businesses, by providing Enterprise Education as well as access to technical and consulting services. The programme aims to promote entrepreneurship, job creation and wealth via enterprise education for young Nigerians. Read more on the Youwin about page here

YouWin Application Criteria

youwin applicants criteria
See the criteria for YouWin applicants below
  1. Applicants must have post-secondary school qualification.
  2. Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 40.
  3. Applicants must be Nigerians and resident in Nigeria.
  4. Applicants businesses must be domiciled in Nigeria.
  5. Applicants must be able to communicate effectively – speaking and writing – in English.
  6. Applicants must be willing to attend all trainings and mentoring exercises organized by the programme.
  7. Applicants must not be an employee of the Nigerian Civil Service.
  8. Previous YouWiN awardees are not eligible to apply.

YouWin Application 2017: Register for the Business Plan Competition

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the green Register button on the page.
  3. Enter your personal details in the page that loads up. Then Hit the Register button.
  4. Visit . Enter your details and login.
  5. Carefully follow the steps outlined there to proceed with your YouWin connect application.

YouWin Connect Process Stage

To get that youWin fund. You will need to go through all the stages outlined in the image below.
youwi connect application stages

Contacting YouWin!

Here is the official YouWin contact page.

Application deadline

The 2017 YouWin application will close on the 30th of August 2017.


  1. hello,sir, i have recieved youwin massage,in my maill,and i have to live everything to god almighty,thank you sir,by danjuma hassan jega..

  2. Thank you for making it obvious for me all the process stages required for youwin application . God bless you!. Finally, when shall 2018 registration begin?

  3. I have successfully completed my you win online training exercise long time ago and learnt positively from it. Hopefully, waiting for the next step. Please,if keep me update, if there is any info.through the email below. Thank you.

  4. pls any information about those that completed there own online training excecise , I have completed my own but up till now noting sent to my mail. thank you very much youwin organizers.

  5. I want to specially thank the organisers of the online learning program because if I say that am not equipped and ready to explode is an understatement. Am so grateful for d knowledge imparted on me with little or no cost and it can't be taking out of me. All dthe lecturers and their presentation was extremely good. Thanks ones again, long live YOUWIN and the ORGANISERS

  6. I have just completed the online training on 18 of january 2018. And i want to know the next requirement, contact me via the below email.

  7. what i blief about this youwin is that: is totally lie or fulse, because we are many that our name is appeared in the successuful candidated of the youwin but nothing meet us in to our mail box and also the management of youwin there know this problem but did not said any thing about the issue. so i must to called their management with great liar management. allah ya isa bata mana lokacin da kuka yi .

    • Imrana Umar,your doubting the veracity of the Youwin program won't make it a hoax or false.We know people who have benefited from this laudable program in the past and are doing well in their various enterprises. Against this backdrop, however,permit me simply to say the hometruth that you can't even perform if you were to be shortlisted for Youwin given your almost indecipherable writing above.I hope you will learn more to be able to perform should you're considered the next time.Do not take offence.l wish you all you wish yourself.With love from me.

  8. please I received email which told me to complete my registration and also my reset code but I lost them, please help me to send it to me again.

  9. I am one of the beneficiaries. We have a case of cheating 4-5 ppl sacrefice a candidate for obj ans this is happening in a business centre here in Jos, plateau state. While I spend 3 days studying and doing my activity test and answering my objectives somebody is busy recruiting and doing it for some hours and scoring high points without working and just feeding in the answers in just some few hours. Please look into this happening here in Jos, Plateau state. My scores are marketing management =90/100, financial management =88/100, human resource management =100/100. I just youwinconnect should also consider looking into the man hour people put in to answer all questions.

    • With due regards and to the YouWinConnect programme. I'm from North West, one of the online training participants,i have completed my online courses today 10 of January 2018, and I earned 485 CD points. But what is scaring me is that, some business centres and cafes are there busy selling points to participants just to score maximum points.
      How can this prudelent activities can be detected and be dealth with them. Something has to be done in order to have the right participants whose uses their time, energy and resources to acquire the training knowledge .
      I hope serious action would be taken to sought things out in respect to the standard of the YouWinConnect programme.
      Thank you. Yours Sincerely

  10. 2017/2018 yowin online training login credential password has not been sent to my e-mail. I am among the beneficiaries for the 2nd stage. Kindly help me out.

  11. Pls, I have not gotten my you credential login code for online training. Kindly help me out. I don't want to be left out.

  12. please I am among the shortlisted applicant but I didn't receive any notification for the test yet, please am ready for the test right away.

    • I can't login to my account for my online training name: Irimiya Haruna region northeast. pls I will u to assist me.

  13. I appreciate you win organizer/ federal govt. Please I haven't seen my login details for the comencement of the training thanks

  14. Good after noon, please it 5th December today and i have not yet received my personal login credential . what do i do. thanks.

  15. good mrng sir I have received d notification from youwunconnect piu and notified me about online training Wich would commence today 5, December 2017 but I have not received my login credentials as you promise sir?

  16. Thanks for the initiative youwin connect. But I have not received my login credentials yet and the training is starting on 5th of December

  17. Good day YouwinconnectPIU, I have received email notification concerning the online training but yet to receive my login credentials as you have promised

  18. Please Sir/Madam I have not been sent login credentials on my gmail nor phone number, I don't know what to do next please help me find a way out

  19. Good day , please I lost the line I provided and I only received your message on my gmail . is there anything I can do before I retrieve the line back

  20. I have received email notification from youwinconnectPIU and notified me about online training which would commence Tuesday 5, December 2017 but haven't received login credentials as they promised all applicants will begin to receive from 1 December 2017 not yet receive my login credentials sir?

    • We thank God, and the Nigeria’s government God bless Nigeria and the Nigerians. I look forward for the credentials promised by PIU you win connect as training commence today.

  21. Thank you so federal ministry of finance for this great empowerment for the youths. Please when is the online training starting? God bless her Excellency Kemi Adeosun, God bless federal ministry of finance and God bless Nigeria.

    • Good day, please my name is among the shortlisted candidate for 2017/2018 youwin program. When is the online training coming up? Thanks

  22. Good evening, my name was shortlisted in the 2017 youwin successful candidates but i have not received any Emil.

    • Note: This message is for only those that has been previously pre-selected for the youwin 2017 programme.
      As part of the Capacity building objective of the YouWiN! Connect program, the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) is pleased to invite you to attend the Online training which is geared at strengthening the entrepreneurial capacity of each participant through exposure to relevant SME development materials and tools such as technical, legal and financial skills in business management.
      This training will commence on Tuesday December 5, 2017 from 4PM.
      As from 1st December, 2017 you will begin to receive your personal login credentials. You will need these credentials to access the online training platform.
      You are advised to attend and finish all the course modules, in order to improve your chances of making it into the Master Class which is the stage in the Capacity building program.
      The PIU will notify you if there are changes to the proposed date.
      Thank you.

  23. The way of victory is full of torn, therefore Gen. M buhari don't be discourage on the youth we are the backbone of society.

  24. What is the latest on youwin? The first stage is over, and the second stage seems covered in secrecy by my observation. Can anyone give an update pls.

  25. All thanks be to Almighty God.Wish the you win connect to be well organise & sucessfully achieved to all citizen of my country.

  26. Please Notify me of any further development with respect to the commencement of the training and any other steps involved in the YouWin platform

  27. I want 2 really appreciate the present Administration 4 this initiative, this will go along way 2 resorcitate our Country Economic development within few years and I want 2 also thank the organizers of this initiative 4 the job well done.
    I want 2 ask that what is date 4 online Training?

  28. ALL GLORY TO JESUS FOR THE WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY,AM SHORTLISTED,WHEN IS THE EXACT DATE FOR THE ONLINE TRAINING,KUDOS YOUWIN……………………………………………………………..Please YOUWIN can you forward me a softcopy of my proposal because my laptop crashed and am finding it a little hard to retrieve,thanks

  29. All Praises And Glory Be To our Craator, Guider and sustainer Earth And Havens Who With His Support And Protection We Are Lives. And I Want Sincerely Salute And Thanks Our Mr,president Muhammadu Buhari And His Team Those That Have Try For Innoving A You!win Programme That Will Aid In Reducing The High Rate Of Unemployment And Poverty ,thus Will Also Help The Youth To Be Self-indepedent. So I Have Seen A Message That I Have Been Selected For The Second Stage Of The Programme And Requires Me To Attend Online Training .So My Question Is When Will Training Will Commence And At Where? Thanks For Selecting Me To Participape.

  30. I've been notified of being shortlisted but can't download the shortlisted names to see my name.meanwhile kudos to pmb for this program

  31. Cudos to the govt. Of change under President Buhari and the federal ministry of finance for this loudable program.May God help you to succeed in Jesus name.

  32. This programs initiated by this present administration wil go a long way to eradicate poverty and reduce the rate of unemployment in this country. kudos to His Excellency Mohammed Buhari for this great opportunity.Thanks

  33. Very grateful to the administration of Muhammadu Buhari for this lofty idea especially for the youths of this great country. Please let me also ask the way forward of this laudable program. I was shortlisted…

  34. Thanks to Mr. president and the entire youwin team. May Allah strengthen the health of Mr. president and efforts towards youth empowerment programs. My question is: what next are we to expect? And how are we going to be informed? Thank you all.

  35. I thank the administration of this program for assisting Nigeria entrepreneurs especially the youth, Kudos to Nigeria government

  36. Thanks to this administration and the organizers for letting us participate in this programme.looking forward to a great time working with you people….

  37. Am so glad to have a good president like Muhammadu Buhari, that have the interest of the Nigerian youths at heart, especially empowering the youths by engaging us on entrepreneurship development, our youth full time will always speak good of you and your struggle in other to make our nation a better place to stay, live and invest, thanks and am glad to be one of the successful people in the first stage of the youwin Connect 2017

  38. Glory be to God the most high, my appreciation to Mr. President the GCFRN and the entire you win team. May God bless your credible and transparent efforts towards youth empowerment programme in the country. Our generation will live to remember this adminstration in time immemorial. Thanks

  39. Thank you Mr President for this laudable program to Educated Nigerian youths toward entrepreneurial development to be self rain. Thank God my name is on the list. Kudos to you win team.

  40. Thank you Mr President for this great opportunity given to me to participate in this programme. Please when will the online training commence?


  42. I realy appreciate with the present administration for they support to the enterpreneurs thank you thank u(musa mohammed)

    • Thanks be 2 God for this successful list and also thanking u Mr. President for this grate opportunity more grsse to your elbow

      • I appreciate this laudable project by this present administration aiming at wealth creation among the youth for economic transformation and empowerment. Human oriented project is the road map to Nigeria of our dream. Mr. president keep on delivering the dividends of democracy to your dear nation. The reward of good work is the opportunity to do it again!

        • I appreciate and thank the president and his team ,for having a good plan for the youths,this is a clear indication that,our president and his team have a good plan for the youths,for me to be one among,those that have been selected for this programme for the first stage is a thing of joy,May God strengthen you so that you will continue to put smile on the faces of Nigerians , especially the youths , God bless nigeria.

    • Sincerely waiting for the web seminar, I believe I will scale tru by God's grace, my name and other hopeful applicant will be among the 5,000 to be closed in Jesus ' s name. Pls kind update me. More thanks to Federal Govt of Nigeria.

  43. Good One to FG, am so happy to see my name on the list..patiently waiting for the E-learnig, and also pray for a success in that too..all thanks to the federal gvnmt and the Youwin management team for their good work….God Bless!

  44. Please my name is ikpi obeten the first confirmation reply you send to me with a code has been deleted from my email I don't know how, please I will appreciate if the massage will be resend back to me couse of code and also thank you win connection for choosing me.

  45. Very appreciative and thankful to Mr President Muhammad Buhari and the management of Youwin progamme, I saw my name in shortlist and SMS to my mail. Thank once again

  46. Thx to the organising team of this great scheme. I was shortlisted for the next stage of this competition. Looking forward to more mails from the team. Thx in anticipation

  47. long life nigeria, long life moh'd buhari, long life youwin and its management. i saw my name in the successuful candidate, but i did not get any sms in my email, i dont know why?

  48. Thanks to youwin connect and the present administration for this wonderful opportunity. I'm grateful! looking forward to make the final list. Thanks!

  49. Thanks to youwin and the present administration for this wonderful opportunity. i'm grateful! looking forward to make the final list. Thanks!

  50. My name was also shortlisted for the youwin online training, more thanks to the present Administration for empowering the Nigeria youth and diaspora as well. We are encouraged by your initiative. God bless Nigeria.

  51. Hello! The management of YouWin ,I saw my name in the shortlist of successful ,but up to now , I haven't see any message on my mail , what's up please ?

  52. Hello! The management of YouWin ,I saw my name in the shortlist of successful ,but up to now , I haven't see any message on my mail , what's up please ?

  53. Very appreciates and thankful to Mr President Muhammad Buhari and the management of Youwin prgm, I saw my name in shortlist and SMS to my mail. Thank once again

  54. Thank Almighty Allah with this success of youwin first stage hopping to be successful yet 2 the end of this competition. Ameen ya Rabbil'alamin

  55. Please, the management of youwinconnet i see my name in the shorlist. But i do'nt see it in my email inbox, please what is the problem.?

  56. I received the short-listed and the congratulatory mail warmly. Thanks to President Muhammadu Buhari. Long live youwin!!!

    • So Is True? I Thank God I Have Recieved A Congralatory Mail For Next Stage, I'm Proud Of U Youwin! Waiting For The Online Training. Long Leave YouWin Management, Long Leave Mr. President Baba Buhari And Long Leave Nigeria My Country.

  57. I received a congratulations msg 2days ago.Am grateful to God almighty n government of president Buhari for this program.please any information on when the second stage will commence

  58. Please,i will like to know what's up on youwin connect. Since i applied in August and received a mail that my application was successful i have not heard any update. Thank you

  59. please I applied for youwin,I have not gotten any information till date,please can you update me on the fate of those including me that applied?

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