Will There Be POST UTME This Year 2021?

Will There Be POST UTME This Year 2021?.

Yes, A lot of JAMB aspirants don’t get tired of asking ‘Will There Be Post UTME In 2021/2022?’. This has been the case since the time when the Nigerian legislative house attempted to initiate the process of cancellation of POST UTME in every form. Every year, there are rumours that POST UTME screening exercises will not be holding. There was also a controversy in 2019, where legislators maintained that the payment of the POST UTME fee is not sanctioned by the law.

So, the concern that the POST UTME process may not hold in 2021/2022 is genuine and shouldn’t be pushed under the carpet. This article aims to analyse and inform prospective JAMB candidates whether POST UTME will hold this year or not.

Is POST UTME cancelled?

The fact remains that there is no cancellation of POST UTME screening exercise. The members of the Nigeria academia has strongly and rightfully defended screening exercises in university.

A lot of universities distrust JAMB examinations and there is usually post UTME to serve as an additional level of screening, to the dismay of a lot of parents and JAMB candidates.

We are of the opinion that POST UTME will remain relevant for as long as possible since JAMB gives universities some level of autonomy to set their own criteria for admission, and this includes screening exercise.

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Will There be post UTME in 2021/2022?

There will be POST UTME in the year 2021/2022 session. A lot of universities use the post UTME form as a source of funding because the government has refused to adequately fund universities. Around 2015, the government agreed with University to conduct screening exercises but with the caveat that the post UTME form should not cost above 2000 Naira.

Remember before 2015, universities were at liberties to fix the price of their post UTME form. Most of them hiked their form prices around 5,000 and 6,000 Naira. Some went as high as 7,000 Naira. Today, the prices of post UTME forms are uniform and the era of arbitrary price-fixing of post UTME form is over.

When is post UTME coming up in 2021/2022?

Normally, universities and higher institutions in the country conduct their post utme examination after the JAMB examination.

As we have already explained earlier, schools have the free rein to conduct their Post UTME screening exercise however they want but the list of qualified candidates must be submitted to JAMB in accordance with the admission criteria and rules for the year.

Our advice to you is that you should find out your school’s cut off marks, departmental cut off mark and admission requirements to find out your eligibility and chances of clinching admission.

If you performed abysmally or poorly during your JAMB examination, Post UTME is usually a time to sit up. So, ensure you prepare adequately so that your post UTME can be successful. If you score high in post UTME, your chances of admission will increase tremendously.

How do I prepare for post UTME?

Here are our best tips for your post UTME:

  • Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and outlook.
  • Ensure you start studying at the earliest time. Endeavour to space out your study.
  • Maintain focus by having a clear goal while studying
  • Form your own study materials like mnemonic device and quizzes.
  • Utilize technology in your study. A good example is CBT jamb practice, Youtube or past questions.
  • Attend tutorials.
  • Ensure you rest adequately for your brain to perform optimally.
  • Eat a nutritious diet.

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