Why Do JAMB Seize UTME Result? – Find Accurate Answer Here

Have you heard that jamb do seize candidates utme result?

Have you for once wondered why jamb may seize your utme result?

If you have been one of the persons seeking for answers to this question, then you are on the right page.

Visiting awajis.com is the best action you’ve taken today. In this article you’ll see why jamb seize utme result because this thing is not normal.

What do i mean by it’s not normal? Yea, we all know that something do leads to something. So, let’s see what could’ve been the reason why JAMB seize some of its candidates UTME result.

Why Jamb Seize UTME Result?

JAMB earlier released an official document known as the examination malpractice document, it outlined the code of conducts that will promote sanity, orderliness and fairness in the examination hall.

This means that any candidate that fail to abide by this rule or if they perform any act that contravene the rules, it would lead to seizure of results. Let’s take a look at the rules, that if disobeyed, it may cause JAMB to seize your result.

Anyways, let’s look at the prohibited acts/items you must avoid.

1 A No e-Registration Slip
2 B Possession of Unauthorized Calculator or similar electronic devices
3 C Possession/Spying/Copying unauthorized books or any reading material
4 D Impersonation
5 E Swapping of Examination Details/ Documents
6 F Possession of USB, CD, Hard Disk or similar storage devices, bluetooth device
7 G Violent/Unruly behaviour to Examiners
8 H Lateness to Examination Hall
9 I Possession of  Mobile Phone or Similar Electronic Devices, Cameras, Recorders, Microphones
10 J Possession of Smart Devices e.g. Watches, Buttons, Rings/Jewelry, Lenses, etc
11 K Colluding with other Candidates/Examiners/ External Agents
12 L Leaving the Examination Hall without Permission


All candidates are to be very careful not to be tagged with any of the above malpractice codes.

So we believe there is a space on your on-screen paper, which candidates can’t see, that your examiner can tag any of the above codes where necessary. If a candidate is guilty of any of the above offences, all your examiner needs to do is enter any of the above codes on your paper, and that’s it. Your result will be withheld.

If contested, JAMB may now request, and attach the CCTV footage to close the case.

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