Who Was Abraham’s Father?

Abraham, is regarded as a patriarch in the Jewish, Christian and even Islamic religion. He is a very honored and respected figures. But who was the father of Abraham?


According to the biblical account, the father of Abraham was Terah, who was begotten by Nahor, whose Father was Shug, descendants of Shem. He was a polytheist, and from an ancient account, he had a cruel disposition, due to the fact that he served as an idolatrous priest. He lived in Ur of the Chaldean and died at the age of 145 years.

Meanwhile, in the holy book of the Muslim, Nahor is instead named Āzar, and he was described just as the Christian account as an idolator and a cruel man.

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Who was Terah?

Terah is listed in the Bible (firstly in the  ‘Book of Genesis’) as the father of Abraham and son of Nahor. Terah is mentioned in the following parts of the Bible:

  • Genesis 11:26–27
  • Joshua 24:2
  • 1 Chronicles 1:17–27
  • Luke 3:34–36.

Terah, according to the Book of Genesis, was responsible for taking his family from the land of UR to Canaan land. He never reached Canaan as he stopped in a city named Haran where he met his demise.

Terah passed on after living for 205 years. Abraham at that time was 135 years old. Abram started the journey from Haran to Canaan before the death of Haran. Terah was known as an idolatrous priest.


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  1. so all patriarchs have been men of influence and controllers of their societies, and wealthy in their environment. individuals in a position of being able to influence large numbers of people and powerfull enough in their wealth to forcefully control and dominate others .

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