What Does SOL Mean


If you are here, it implies that you have stumbled on the word SOL and you are asking yourself;  what does SOL mean? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Abbreviated words can have so many meanings and implications than you can imagine, it could be a name for an organization and at the same time a shortened social media slang.

Whatever the case may be, when you come across an abbreviated word, it is best to note the context its been used in order to have a little clue of what the writer or user of the word meant.

Now the question you should ask yourself before you continue with this article is; where did I hear this word? what was the writer saying when he/she featured the word?

This will help you know what the person actually meant because we will be providing you with so many meanings of SOL, it is left for you to decipher the one the person was making reference to

It is possible that you have come across the acronym, SOL while scrolling through threads of conversation on a social media platform but didn’t know what it means.

You must have realized by now that there are so many internet and social media slangs and acronyms than you care to admit.

While that is true, it is best you know most of them so as to be able to flow very well while on any social media platform.

So today, I will be telling you what the acronym SOL means. Just in case you seek to know what it means, then you are on track.

Keep reading to find out the meaning of SOL.


What is the meaning of SOL

There are a thousand possible meanings of the acronym SOL. However, let’s focus on the two used meanings of SOL as it relates mostly to social media.

1. SOL means sooner or later

2. SOL also means shi* out of luck

So, when next you find it on a Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus page, or any other social media platform entirely in UPPER CASE, these are the two most probable meanings of the acronym.

Other Meanings of SOL

If you are looking for other meaning of SOL that is not related to social media, then you might want to consider the meanings below.



Sadly Outta Luck (polite form)
The staff of Light (gaming)
SuperOnline (ISP)
Summer of Love
Statute of Limitations (legal term)
Skilled Occupation List (Australia)
Symphony of Light (Online Gaming Community)
Suda on Line
Simulation Oriented Language
Service d’Ordre Legionnaire (French force in WWII)
Struck Out Looking (baseball)
Screaming out Loud
Service Opportunities in Leadership
Scenario Overlay (gaming, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter PS2)
Shoot-Out Loss
System Off-Line
System Operating Limit (North American Electric Reliability Council)
Solutions in Organisations Linkup
Seal of Light (gaming, the world of warcraft)
Semantic Operating Language
Small Out-Line Integrated Circuit
Survive Outdoors Longer (Adventure Medical Survival Pak)
Safe Operating Limit
Smile Out Loud
Stuff Outta Luck (polite form)
Sorta Outta Luck
Special Olympics Louisiana
Short On Landing
Sobbing Out Loud
Sockolet (pipe fitting)
Samurai of Legend
Somewhat Out of Luck
Static on Line
Swear Out Loud
The subculture of Live (fan club for the band Live)
Saudi On-Line
Stoked on Life Productions
Sistema de Operaciones en Linea (Peru)
Synchronous On-Line (curriculum)
Sequence Order List
Stricken Off Leave (legal)
Sighthounds on the Lam
Software Object Library
Second-Order Closed Loop
Shazzam – Outta Luck (Gomer Pyle polite form)
Soul of Lineage (game)
Seafarer’s Open Learning System
Stricken on Leave
Stoppages of Off & Leave
Standards of Law
Statue of Liberty (New York City)
Statute of Limitations
Scotland Online
Solomon Airlines (ICAO code)
Shadows of Luclin (Everquest expansion)
Office of the Solicitor (US Department of Labor)
Signs of Life (Steven Curtis Chapman album)
Sons of Liberty
Simply Out of Luck (polite form)
Space-Occupying Lesion (medical)
Satellite Of Love
Scandinavia Online
Speed of Light
Standards Of Leadership
Standards Of Learning
Sooner Or Later
Statement of Liability
Serial Over LAN (Local Area Network; computer science)
State-Owned Land (various locations)
Society for Organizational Learning
School of Leadership (various locations)
Standard of Living
Secretary of Labor
Sticker on Label (records)
Short on Luck
Seasons of Love (movie)
Soleus (muscle)
Sanctity of Life
Solola (Guatemala territorial division)
Start of Life
Source of Light (Miami, Florida rock band)
Shout Out Loud (internet chat)
Shipowner’s Liability
Soluble (chemistry)
Standard Operating Level (electronics)
Scottish Omnibuses Ltd


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That is all on what does SOL mean. Hope this was helpful. Do leave us your questions and contributions to the comment session… we can’t wait to hear from you.

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