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In this article, i will show you the various meanings of the acronym HML, how to use it, and when to use it. I’m sure you want to learn all about it right? If yes, Then read on. HML is an acronym mostly used on social media, especially while chatting with friends and family members. HML may not be a popular acronym as BAE or WTF, but still, it is used on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. HML has numerous meaning, its definition depends on the conversation taking place.

The use of acronyms like this HML on social media while chatting with friends and family members is really fun. With it, we can pass a level of information across that most people will find difficult understanding. But don’t worry about being in the dark again, because this post will give you the necessary information you need to fully understand the operation of this acronym.

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what does hml mean

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Meanings And Examples Of HML

As earlier stated, this acronym can be used in a couple of ways. However, it is mostly used in two major ways, vis:

  1. Hate My Life
  2. Hit My Line.

This will be explained presently.

Hate My Life, this is one of the most popular usage  and meaning of HML. When someone is talking to someone online, and they share some negative news, they might say HML to express how they feel about the situation.

Examples of Hate my Life (HML) usage.

Can you believe i misplaced my house keys again for the third time today?  HML!

 I just HML!!! Mark ruined my graduation speech! I’ll have to write a new one!

Terrible chill and headache… cannot meet you girls today… simply HML”.

“Oh… my car is damaged once again… this was the best day of the evening dude… HML big time”.

Why me? I am just another headache to my girl… HML… can’t endure no longer…

Hit My Line, when someone is chatting with another individual and they feel it would be best if they talked it over the phone, they might just tell the other individual to HML (Hit My Line).

Examples of Hit my Line (HML) usage

 Hey Mark! If you are less busy later in the  day, just HML?

HML when you are ready to meet with me 

“Hey bro… if you are Not doing anything today, just HML.”

“HML Immediately you leave the classroom.”

“Have A juicy news for you…, just HML when you are Less busy!”

“HML when you Are chanced.”

“That babe will never HML … she is really annoyed with me after last night’s event.”

“Got some DRINK… HML when you are DONE!”


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How To know When someone Means ‘Hit My Line’ Or ‘Hate my Life?’

“Hit my line” and “hate my life” are completely different in meanings, so it’s important to be able to identify the exact meaning when you see it in a status update, comment or message. Here are a few tips you can use to identify the meaning of HML.

  • If they are talking about present or future situation: Since hit my line is typically used as a request or demand for information, it makes sense for it to be used in a present or future context. For example, if someone is requesting information they need now, tomorrow, next week, or some other point in the future, they might explain what it is that they need or why they might need it while instructing you or others to hit my line.
  • If they are making a request, asking for an opinion, or seeking more information: Remember that hit my line is a demand for action. If the person saying HML sounds like they want you (or somebody else) to take some sort of action that might involve calling them or texting them, then they probably mean hit my line rather than hate my life.
  • When they are explaining an experienced negative event: If someone adds HML to a message or comment that involves describing an event or experience that would be unpleasant or undesired, chances are they’re trying to express the fact that they don’t approve of what happened. In this case, “hate my life” makes more sense than ‘hit my line.”
  • If there is a sense of negative feelings in their message: A negative experience or event doesn’t necessarily need to be described for HML as “hate my life” to be used in a way that makes sense. Negative feelings are what really matter, so if someone focuses on communicating how upset, angry, frustrated, sad, disappointed, embarrassed, anxious, or worried they are while adding HML to their message, there’s a good chance they mean to say “hate my life.”

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Other meanings for HML that are rarely used

  1. Help Me Lord
  2. Heavy Metal Lover
  3. Higher Mass Limits
  4. Human-Machine Language
  5. High School Mailing List
  6. Hazardous Material List
  7. High Medium Low
  8. Hindustan Motors Limited
  9. Human Media Lab
  10. Hitachi Motors Limited

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