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Share Your Waec Result – On this page, we will like you to share with everyone here your result? Let’s know your best performance and we will reply to you with tips on how to improve…

Share Your Waec Result

Hello there, Have you checked your waec result 2020 or WAEC GCE RESULT? Do you have any questions regarding Waec? Would you like to share Your Experience or challenges? Then this tread is for You.

Oya, use the comment box below to share your results.

And complains too. Hopefully, someone from Waec will see this.

Are you happy? Did they do ojoro? Did you deserve a better grade for some subjects?

tell all now!


If you have any questions on this, feel free to drop it at the comment section below and do well to share this using any of our share buttons – Β Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Google.

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  1. Mine has been withheld also when are they going to release it?
    Am seriously in need of the result and my deadline for it is at the corner. Reply PLS

  2. I really feel heartbroken right now because my result is quite not good when i know i prepared relentlessly for this waec, how can i get D7 in both English and Literature, meanwhile i got A’s nd B’s in the other subjects….i had sleepless night studying harder for most especially English and Literature because i know they’re complex subjects…i feel cheated because i already sat for Jamb and scored very high and now i really need my Literature and English to get into college…what can i do now because i dont wanna stay at home….This is really painful….

  3. I didnt make my waec…all i could see was E8,D7..were did i go wrong please…after my hardworking…reading at midnite..this is all i could get…please what is going on…i really need your help WAEC

  4. My result waec
    1.english c4
    2.math b2
    3.chemistry c4
    4.physics c5
    5.civic edu A1
    6.geography b2
    7.economic c4
    8.Islamic b2
    9.Animal husbandry D7

  5. am not happy at all about my result i still can’t understand why and how i scored D7;in English . i am a science student so my question is will they accept my result in any area? please.

  6. why some of my result are not good especially the ones which I e8 to f9 I dont understand because I know myself that my result will end up in c6 but it end up f9 am confuss on that pls explain how it happen

  7. Please, waec you have to consider poor, please i need my result, because i have sacrifies my time only to read and do research in the laboratory, will my sleepless night be in vain, please help.

  8. please weac try and release the our result, school have started admission and you people are the ones trying to hold children down please, let the results be release please.

  9. please you people should release my result am beginning in the name of God please i dnt have any body help me am the only one helping my self please i dnt have another money to,write another Exam

  10. Liberia result haven't been placed on Waec official page.
    individually we can not see ours the link that has been prescribed don't provide result the question now is Why and when?

  11. I don’t understand how my hole center got f9 in chemistry, knowing that chemistry is a practical and theory exam, how is that possible. please explain. this is really important because people’s future is at stake here. and among of those people.

  12. I don’t understand, all my centre results was held, what happened.
    Please help us to release it, we’re innocent, we didn’t involve in any examination malpractice

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