Chemistry Waec Specimen 2016

This page contains a list of chemicals, Apparatus and Materials that will be used for the 2016 May June Waec CHEMISTRY Practical. Every serious student knows what could be done with this.

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2016 Waec Chemistry Practical

Question 1

In addition to the fittings and reagents normally contained in a chemistry laboratory, the following apparatus and materials will be required by each candidate

  1. one burette of 50cm3 capacity
  2. one pipette, either 20cm3 or 25cm3. All candidates at one centre must use pipettes of the same volume. These should be clean and free from grease
  3. The usual apparatus for Titration
  4. the usual apparatus and reagents for qualitative work including the following with all reagents appropriately labelled.
    1. (i) glass rod
      (ii) aqueous ammonia
      (iii) dilute hydrochloric acid
      (iv) dilute sodium hydroxide solution
      (v) barium chloride solution
      (vi) dilute trioxonitrate (V) acid
      (vii) silver trioxonitrate (V) solution
      (viii) dilute tetraoxosulphate (VI) acid
  5. glass rod
  6. filtration apparatus
  7. spatula
  8. two boiling tubes
  9. four test tubes
  10. wash bottle containing distilled/deionized water
  11. mathematical table/calculator.

Question 2

Each candidate should be supplied with the following, where ‘n’ is  the candidate’s serial number.

  1. 150cm3 of ethanedioic acid (H2C204) solution in a corked flask or bottled labelled ‘An’. These should all be the same containing 4.50g of H2C204 per dm3 of solution.
  2. 150cm3 of potassium tetraoxomanganate (VII) solution in a corked flask or bottle labelled ‘Bn’. These should all be the same containing 3.16g of KMnO4 per dm3 of solution.
  3. One spatulaful of a uniform mixture of NaCl and ZnCO3 in a specimen bottle labelled ‘Cn’. The components of the mixture should be in the ratio 1:1 by mass.

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