3 Simple Techniques To Understand What You’ve Read

Understand What You’ve Read – Reading and practising for WAEC exams can be very overwhelming due to the tedious syllabuses of the subjects one has to cover before the exam day.

These syllabuses are kinda much no doubt, and as a result of many students often forget or lose key information which they’ve at one point assimilated while reading.

A lot of candidates focus narrowly on the topics the exam covers; ignoring related material. Unfortunately, this can also lead to a student failing his/her WAEC Exam due to low retention.

Understood What You’ve Read

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Whether writing WAEC exams or JAMB or any other exam, teaching the particular subject or topic you’ve read will always leave you with a solid understanding of that subject. Your understanding of some subjects is best tested not in an exam hall, but in real life.

In this article, I will be discussing three (3) simple techniques to ensure you understood what you’ve read.

Here are eight ways to tell how deep your understanding of a subject goes.

Teach What You’ve Read

The classic way of proving whether you’ve actually understood what you’ve read or what you’ve been taught is to teach it to someone else.

If you’re revising with someone and you both have different levels of knowledge on different topics, teaching one another is indeed a great way to see how deep your understanding of that topic or subject goes. In most cases, you end up realizing that you don’t understand that particular subject or topic as well as you thought you did when you have to explain it to another person.

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So, if you have a sibling or friend who isn’t taking writing WAEC exams as you, endeavour to try and teach them what you’ve learned. You don’t need to be proficient in teaching for this method to work, by the way. Just spend an hour or two illustrating your notes to the other person.

Try Out Different Past Questions

Using past questions is a great way to revise, but it might also seem like you’re literally assessing how well you can do at the exam, rather than considering your knowledge and understanding of the topic or subject in general. Some students prefer not to use past questions when reading due to the reason stated above while some find past questions helpful.

For the popular subjects written in WAEC exams, there’s a whole range of past questions available.

It may be that the curriculum or pattern has changed over the years, and only the questions from the past three years are useful in practising for the exam. You could also try some much older past papers if you can get hold of them

Set Tough Questions for Yourself

As an intelligent student seeking to pass your WAEC Exams, its advisable you try coming up with questions and answers that an examiner wouldn’t ask. This can be best achieved amongst studying groups or peers.

This is worth doing because it points you to approach a topic from a different perspective. Coming up with questions outside the box like this can help highlight gaps in your studies.

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