Travelling Abroad for Studies


I have come in contact with a lot of students who just can’t wait to make that trip abroad for further studies, they have this overwhelming idea that they can’t get a good education unless they fly away from the shores of this country, some are already degree holders from a reputable Nigerian university but are still ready to start studying all over again for a new degree if they can make it out of the country.

A lot of these students have not really sat down to think of how life over there is going to be, they don’t really know what they are going to face in another man’s land. In case you find yourself in this category then this article is just for you.
Here at we are thinking for you, and we have compiled a simple list of some of the basic considerations you should make before travelling abroad for studies.

Will you be ready to come back once your study is over?

This is one fact many don’t consider before travelling abroad and this is how their problem starts. Congratulations you have just been offered admission into the University of “X” abroad to spend 3 years more or less studying for a degree but then you don’t really know if you’ll stay for that exact number of years before returning home. Don’t get caught up in the lights, do you intend on residing abroad or you plan on heading back home once your programme is complete. Always remember that it is never advisable to overstay your welcome. You should be ready to get back home once your study is complete or risk living in obscurity as you try to avoid immigration on a daily basis.


When it comes to the cost of living and studying abroad, one should seriously consider it before setting foot across the shores of the country. Even though you have been offered admission with a 50-70% scholarship, your overall study cost could still be staggering unless you’re from a very rich home.
Don’t be deceived when they say “you’ll have to pay for everything before you travel, hence you won’t spend a dime when you get there” NO! You’ll definitely need money when you get there and you should really figure out how you plan on getting it while you’re there in such a way that it won’t affect your studies and wouldn’t involve breaking the law.

Language, food, weather and people

I have friends who travelled to countries like China, Russia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain etc. for studies and couldn’t learn anything for over a year because they just couldn’t understand the language, it also took them a while to get used to the food and weather also, some never did. You should consider these factor before you set foot on another man’s land for study purpose.
I have a friend in Sophia, Bulgaria who will never forget how he was chased by some youths and nearly killed just for staring at them. You should do a thorough background check on the country you are going to before you set out, so you don’t get caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

A new life you never imagined

You might think you have this covered but wait till you fly away from your friends and family then you’d understand how different your life had become. So before you make that trip, make sure you consider carefully how you’re cope with your new life.
My friend told me “mehn being here is like being born again” that’s how it will be. You might settle more quickly in some places but not all, and definitely not most, so get ready for the new life you signed up for, before you make that trip.

Education abroad doesn’t mean the best education

I’m not trying in any way to discourage you, but just getting you to consider the fact. Going abroad does not mean you get a better education than staying back at home to study, of course the standard of education over there is higher but we still have federal government and some private owned schools within the country that are breaking the barriers of educational stagnancy and mediocrity in our educational system.
So you might want to consider a reputable institution in your country instead of the stress of travelling abroad.
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