Top 7 Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola You Need to Know


Top 7 Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola You Need to Know.

Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola
Top 7 Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola You Need to Know

Bitter Kola which is also known as Garcinia kola is highly nutritious and is known to be rich with Vitamins and calcium. Bitter Kola is known to prevent cancer and various heart diseases. It also boosts the libidinal urge in man.

It is abundantly grown in densely populated areas of natural and secondary forests where the predominant land-use system is tree-crop plantation farming. Places where it can be  found growing wild are forest reserves and free areas of the rainforests.

Garcinia nut is either planted or conserved on farms of oil-palm-cocoa-yam plantations  These regions are found in low-altitude areas with an annual rainfall of 2,000 to 2,500 mm, temperatures of 21 -32 0 C, and a minimum relative humidity of 76% (Ntamag 1997).

A lot of people are not fans of chewing bitter kola mostly because of its sour taste and astringent and resinous taste when chewed when eaten. The painful truth is that these people are missing a lot and you will agree with me at the end of the day, just read on.

Before we look at the health benefits of bitter kola, it is of great importance that you get to know the chemical components of the bitter kola seeds.

1. Crude protein: 39.52 and 99.92 g/kg

2. Lipid extract: 43.25 and 42.91 g/kg

3. Ash and crude fiber: 114.02 and 153.44 g/kg

4. Carbon: 57.88

5. Nitrogen: 29.01

6. Potassium: 334.82 mg/kg

7. Phosphorus: 242.61 mg/kg

8. Saturated, monosaturated, and polyunsaturated fatty acid: 31.55 and 276.01 mg/kg

9. Oleic: 38.36 and 52.77 mg/kg

10. Linoleic acids: 36.16 and 235.83 mg/kg

11. Glutamic acids: 6.80 and 8.10 g/kg

12. Lysine and Valine: 2.40 and 7.10 g/kg

13. Amino acid:  44.52% (in the hull) and 35.81% (in the seed).

From the listed chemical components, it is clear that bitter kola should be treated more importnatly than it is treated and given a better consideration.

The most important health benefits of bitter kola are:

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Importance of Bitter Kola to Your Health

1. Cure osteoarthritis

According to the latest research, bitter kola improves the condition of Osteoarthritis, because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to boost locomotion in patients. Osteoarthritis is caused by injury of the joint, obesity and old age.

2. Increases Libidinal Drive

Recent research has shown that bitter kola can boost libidinal drive and sexual competence, in men. It also boosts the drive for sex. For great sex, men are advised to consume kola before sexual activity. It also increases fertility in male and sperm count.

3. Fights Against STDs

Bitter Kola can combat sexually transmitted diseases. It has strong antibacterial and detoxification properties can be vital in preventing several viral and bacterial infection.

4. Boost of Immune System

Bitter Kola can fortify the immune system with the necessary nutrient to fight against dangerous infection, and it can also better the ability of the immune system to react to germs.

Bitter Kola has high antioxidant properties that curtail and safeguard the body system against bacteria and viruses.

5. Increasing Workability of the Lung

With bitter kola, the lung tissues are more efficient and have the capacity to work to its best performance.  It also aids to protect the various respiratory organs and prevent respiratory illnesses. It can also cure smoking addiction and combat the effect of nicotine.

6. Good for Weight Loss

Bitter Kola can also be used for suppressing hunger and it can make one thirsty which in turn increases water intake. Bitter kola consumption can help lose weight and prevent weight gain.

Obese persons are advised to consume more bitter kola to lose weight and reduce cravings for junk foods.

7 Combats Malaria 

Recent research has proved that bitter kola possesses anti-malarial properties. A lot of herbal specialists have, for years, noted that bitter kola is perhaps the best malaria cure.

In fact, in rural communities, bitter kola is used to treat fever and sore throat.

Does Bitter Kola have side effects?

Nigerians have a penchant for eating or consuming bitter kola without any serious health effects. Bitter kola nut is harvested as a side inside the kola fruit, so there no allergies to be mindful of.

Bitter kola may have side effects that can be compared with a caffeinated substance. The effects of caffeine in the body may include:

  • The stimulation of the central nervous system, causing a feeling of energy and hyperactiveness.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Stomach upset and heartburn.
  • Hindering the calcium-absorption ability of the body.
  • Blood pressure increase.

Note that substance with caffeine can affect persons differently. For instance, some people can safely consume more than 300mg of caffeine daily without side effect, while others may experience an effect.

Bitter kola is regarded as a very safe fruit by health scholars. It is sometimes used as an additive to food since time immemorial and hasn’t caused many problems. But


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