Tony Robbins Wife: Sage Robbins (Age, Career & Social Media)

Sage Robbins is a life coach, laboratory technician, acupuncturist, and natural therapist from Canada. She is also an internet celebrity. Most people know Sage Robbins as Tony Robbins’ wife. Her husband is an author, counsellor, orator, and socialite. He is widely recognized for his TV ads, training courses, and self-help publications, including the books Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within.












Full Name:  Bonnie Humphrey
Birth Date:  05 Aug 1972
Age:  48 years
Gender:  Female
Profession:  Actress, Internet Sensation, Motivational Speaker, Phlebotomist, Acupuncturist, Alternative Therapist
Country: Canada
Marital Status: married
Husband: Tony Robbins
Divorce: John Lynch

Sage Robbins’ date of birth is August 5, 1972. She is 50 years old. She is a citizen of Canada and has the astrological sign of Leo. Bill Humphrey is Sage’s birth father. Sage has never disclosed the name of her mom but has posted pics of her infancy with her. Sage’s legal name and birth name is Bonnie Pearl Humphrey. Sage has not yet shared any information about her time in school.

Sage Robbins’s Height, Weight & Body Measurement

How tall is Sage Robbins?

Sage Robbins stands at 5 feet 8 inches in height and 58 kilos in weight. Sage also has turquoise eyes and blonde locks. Apart from that, there seem to be no details about Sage’s other body measurements, like her belly, hips, and shoulder measurements, bust size, and shoe size.

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Sage Robbins’s Profession & Career

Sage Robbins is a popular actress and an online personality. Sage is also a medical assistant, an acupuncturist, a public speaker, and a natural therapist. Sage is also famous for being Tony Robbins’ glamorous wife.

Tony is a writer, counsellor, orator, and socialite from the United States. Sage’s husband is also recognized for his advertisements, training courses, and self-help publications, such as Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within, among others. Tony’s seminars are organized by Robbins Research International.

Sage Robbins started working as a wholefoods cashier before venturing into her show business. Back then, Sage used to go by Bonnie. Furthermore, Sage started her film career around 2001. She appeared in her first film; a chick flick called Shallow Hal. Sage later acted as Paige Mattews in the 2013 short movie Stab: The Real-life Sequel.

Sage also appeared in the TV series Toby The Vampire Slayer, an American dramedy. She made an appearance in eleven episodes from 2013 to 2015. The actress has also appeared in television programs like The Oprah Winfrey Show and movies like Better Late Than Never.

In 2016, Sage Robbins was also featured in the TV show Super Soul Sunday. That same year, the actress also made an appearance in the docudrama Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru. Together with her husband Tony, Sage co-hosts the programme and supports him in his courses.

Apart from being an actress, Sage Robbins is also a life coach. Sage and her hubby frequently travel, offering lectures and seminars that can transform people’s lives.

Boyfriend, marriage, and relationship of Sage Robbins

In October 2001, Sage Robbins got married to Tony Robbins. As of now, the family lives in Manalapan, Florida. Sage has a history of matrimony, as her first husband was John Lynch.

At the time of the nuptials, John was thirty years old, and Sage Robbins was just nineteen. They tied the knot in 1992. After a rocky marriage, John and Sage parted ways in 2000. Sage’s marriage problems also managed to draw closer attention to her. Sage’s ex-husband John Lynch filed a lawsuit against her current spouse Tony Robbins for having an extramarital relationship with her.

Tony was married to Rebecca “Becky” Jenkins in 1984, as per Sage’s husband’s earlier partnerships. They met one another at a lecture. Tony took responsibility for Jenkins’ three children from her earlier two marriages. Nevertheless, in 1998, the couple sought a divorce.

Later in 1984, Tony Robbins welcomed a son with his ex-girlfriend, Liz Acosta. Jairek Robbins, their child, also has a career as a transformational counsellor and facilitator. Finally, on October 15, 2001, Tony Robbins wed Bonnie “Sage” Robbins (née Humphrey) in Fiji.

Sage Robbins’s Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

There is no indication that Sage Robbins uses any social networking sites, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. She is married to Tony Robbins, who has the Instagram name @tonyrobbins. He frequently shares both personal and professional pictures of Sage, showing her attending seminars.

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