6 Tips For Choosing A Suitable University For Admission In 2021


One of the challenges faced by candidates who wish to secure admission into a university is which university to choose.

No doubt, there are thousands of Universities in Nigeria probably delivering the courses you would like to offer.

However, choosing a suitable university for admission can be very difficult, and can leave you in total confusion if you are not properly guided.

If you are sitting for the 2020 JAMB UTME, it is important you know the tips for choosing a suitable university for admission.

In this article, I will quickly outline 6 tips for choosing a suitable university for admission in 2021.

6 Tips For Choosing A Suitable University For Admission

Here are the 6 tips for choosing a suitable university for admission.

1. Ensure The University Is Accredited

The first thing you must consider before choosing any university is to ensure that the university is accredited by NUC.

If you are wondering what NUC is, NUC stands for the National Universities Commission, and it is a body saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the quality of education in Nigerian universities.

What accreditation implies is that, after they have gone to a school and examine the school in other to make certain that the school has the basic minimum requirement to offer a course, they give the school formal approval.

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Make proper research and findings in other to ensure that the course you would like to study in the university is accredited by NUC.

If the university or the course is not accredited, the degree you will obtain from the university after you completed will not be recognized in Nigeria.

2. Catchment Area of the school

A catchment area is a geographical area to which a school is situated. If you are from a university catchment area, gaining admission into the university will be much easy than those who are not.

However, it does not imply that if you apply for a university outside your catchment area, you will not be given admission.

You will. However, a candidate from that catchment area has better chances of getting admitted than a candidate outside that catchment area.

For instance, if it is a federal university that is located in the south southern part of Nigeria, a candidate from those parts will be considered more than candidates outside those parts.

3. The Admission Requirements Of the School

Every university has different admission requirements. Hence, before choosing any university to apply for, ensure you meet the university admission requirement.

For example, the JAMB cut off most Nigerian schools

For example, some schools JAMB cut off are 200 while some might be above or below 200. Make sure you are aware of how the admission processes were done the previous year to avoid any form of problem.

4. Strike History Of The University

You cannot overlook a school’s strike history in your search for a university. This is so very important.

First, we know that schools in Nigeria go on strike occasionally, however, some Schools are just known for their every semester strike, especially state universities.

If you don’t mind spending way too long in school more than the required duration for your intended course, then you can safely ignore this.

However, if you are concerned with graduating on time, just like your mates in other universities would, then it is very essential you for one, choose a federal university of a state university.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that federal universities don’t go on strike. I am only saying that the chances of Federal universities going on strike are way lower than that of state universities.

More so, even if there is a nationwide university strike that affects all federal universities, it is resolved quickly that when it is just a state university.

You get my point now right? Great!

5. Facilities and Equipment

You surely do not want to go to a school with inadequate facilities and equipment, do you? I didn’t think so.

See eh, In Nigeria, there are some universities we refer to as glorified secondary schools. With due respect to all universities in Nigeria, some universities in Nigeria are mere glorified secondary schools.

What I mean by glorified secondary schools is that these universities have no much difference from a secondary school.

Their equipment, facilities, libraries, laboratories, etc, are either outdated, no longer functioning or in a very poor state.

My point is if you must choose a university, research and be sure that the school has good facilities. Maybe not state of the art, but the basic minimum standard.

6. Your Choice of Course

Okay, the last tips for choosing a suitable university for admission is to ensure you consider your course first before university.

What do i mean by that?

Many students choose a university without first considering the course they intend to study. Some universities are good at certain courses other than others.

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Hence, you should first research and see if the university is delivering the course you want to offer, and if they are good at it.

That’s all on the 6 tips for choosing a suitable university for admission in Nigeria. I hope this article helps?

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