Six Steps TO Score High In JAMB UTME 2020


JAMB is not that obstacle that blocks or disrupt your dreams of higher education. We outlined Three Steps TO Score High In JAMB UTME 2020 to show you that JAMB is not something to fear or feel threatened about, it is very unfortunate that a lot of candidates are still stuck on their way to succeed in JAMB examination after so many trials.

This article will show you the Three Steps TO Score High In JAMB UTME 2018.

1. Prepare early

Across the world, it is known that preparation precedes success if you are concerned with other things than the UTME at hand, then you are not gearing up for success. It should be your priority. In order to be fully armed and ready for the examination, prepare as much as you can. It is important to have a personal time table and a study plan to aid your preparation effectively.

2. Use the necessary resources

Now, preparation without the right tools to prepare have little or no effect. JAMB is known to repeat their past questions in another form. So one of the key ways that will guarantee your success in JAMB 2020. So will you go about buying combined past questions? No. we have done that for you. On our free dedicated CBT past question site, you will have access to 17 years combined past questions with detailed answers from seasoned tutors. You can practice with ease on your mobile phone and blast JAMB once and for all!!!

3. Be Familiar with CBT environment.

This is very important for all students preparing for the forthcoming JAMB UTME. Most students encounter difficulties on the examination day not because of system malfunctions but due to their lack of knowledge of the CBT environment. we have developed a JAMB CBT software which you can download on your system and thereafter practice all questions without internet connection. You can choose subjects and even the time and year while practising.

4.  Speed and Accuracy.

This is very essential as far as the examination is concerned. Jamb is definitely not left out. This has to do with answering the questions properly and correctly within a short time that will be given to you. Of course, it’s of no use getting all the questions answered but having them marked wrongly. Cases like that, you’ve got speed but there is no accuracy. Therefore, to earn that desired score, you need speed as well as accuracy.

5.  Be in the Right Frame of Yours.

Most students don’t even take early examination preparations as important, rather you see them forming very busy a night to the examination.

That’s when they want to read and will have a sleepless night. Then in the morning, they set out for exams without any food n their stomach all in the name of “I don’t have an appetite, but I will eat after my exams” This is a very wrong method of preparing for your exams.

Take out time to prepare early, eat any meal that will make you feel comfortable in the exams hall, have a good sleep and finally, go for your examination in a very relaxed mood. This will help you to think straight and answer the questions accordingly.

6. Study with Other Jambites.

This is a good way of learning. This helps you to share ideas with each other. No one knows it all, but you can learn from teaching yourselves and sharing ideas. Apart from learning together for the sake of Jamb, you can as well keep in touch about post-UTME and other vital pieces of information.

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