The Most Engaging Facebook Posts Ever

I’m convinced that generating engagement isn’t always easy for most social media marketers.

While research shows that visual content is the most effective, this guideline isn’t always followed:

Every marketer has experienced the feeling of writing a wonderful Facebook post, creating a customized image, finding the perfect phrase, and then hearing crickets. Your followers do not appreciate the brilliance of your piece as much as you do. While there’s no alternative to sketching out your brand’s unique customer persona profiles, drawing inspiration from the finest in the industry could just be the thing.

We’ve compiled some ideas into the types of posts that can greatly increase your likes, shares, and comments, ranging from healthcare to grocery. Here are some of the most engaging Facebook posts ever created for companies and brands, with no further ado:


This post is fantastic because it’s so simple to replicate for businesses of all sizes. All Starbucks did was highlight their product from a perspective that their workers see frequently but that customers seldom see. The end result was incredible: almost 214,000 Facebook likes!

Do you want to know how to get 33,616 people to read your Facebook posts? It’s a lot simpler than you think, as discovered. The brand page merely gave a venue for their supporters to discuss something that practically everyone can agree on: dining out.

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Disney’s mini-album of photographs from their Epcot property was the overall most-liked Facebook post in March 2013, and it was a true masterpiece. Who says you have to limit yourself to just one picture when you have over 314,000 Facebook likes?


There’s a proper and wrong approach to getting people talking about your brand on social media. Politics or religion are rarely acceptable topics to bring up in any situation. As you’ve seen from their roughly 10,000 shares, asking your fans for their input on something they could not agree with, as Lexus did with their custom-painted truck, is very often a winner.

Gilt Man

“Forceful” Facebook posts aren’t always the greatest idea. When it comes to advertising and marketing, however, nothing is definite, as Gilt Man’s post with 171 shares demonstrates. Consider this proof that you must run your personal marketing experiment!


Opinions. They’re all around us. In a recent post that served as an unplanned poll on interior decoration, Zillow was able to successfully dig into this trend, garnering a massive lot of engagement from their 56,000 followers.


Sharpie’s social media campaign isn’t often applauded by experienced professionals, and it’s easy to see why given the example above. They earned 34 shares by exhibiting their items and giving an open arena for debate.

Rent the Runway

Not only is Rent the Runway’s post visually stunning, but their method of allowing followers to “unlock deals” via engagement is brilliant. It certainly hasn’t impacted the company’s existing 206,000-strong fan base.


This technique is straightforward, simple to implement, and completely scalable. You can easily earn dozens of shares by publishing small quotes from your blogs, as Forbes was able to do. Most importantly, it demonstrates that not all of your social media material has to be visual!


If your current poll-style posts aren’t getting the attention they deserve, consider including a non-verbal alternative. Walmart received almost 300,000 votes in its likes versus shares campaign.


What faster way to engage with your followers than by offering an extremely relevant and useful tip, as insurance company Aviva did with their recommendation for a kids’ activity, which received 800 likes and shares?

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High Engagement Facebook Post Ideas

Here are some of the best Facebook post ideas you can incorporate into your social media strategy:


Photographs, photos, and photo albums are quite popular among followers. One of the best five Intel Facebook posts of 2011 wasn’t really a post; it was a photo gallery of images from the new Intel exhibition in Santa Clara. The post received more than 17,000 likes and over 1,000 comments. And it’s not the only one.

Fill in the blanks.

Allow fans to offer their own viewpoints with you. “I live in a digital age because _____,” for example. Another one of our most popular posts.


One of the most efficient strategies to improve engagement on your page is to ask people to contribute their stories or point of view. Despite its simplicity, page administrators frequently overlook this type of post. “Does it matter if it’s real or not?” “How do you feel?” “Can you tell me about yourself?” “PC or Tablet?”


A little piece of trivia or revealing significant company data would be appreciated by your true brand followers as well as those who are unfamiliar with your organisation.


People adore quotations. Make use of them!


It’s a no-brainer on this one. Fans always respond positively to videos, especially those that are distinctive or humorous. Rich material, such as photos and movies, is another popular format on Facebook.

Best wishes for the holidays

Show your company’s human element by wishing your customers a wonderful holiday year-round.

Celebrate milestones and say thank you

Have you reached a significant point? Join the fun with the fans! We commemorated our Facebook page by updating our profile image and thanked our supporters for being a part of our fantastic community when we reached 500,000, 1 million, and other milestones. The response was tremendous.

A call to action

Ask if your content will be shared or if your posts will be liked or commented on. “If you agree, like [or share] this post” or “What do you think?” will suffice. Use it cautiously, though.

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