Difference Between Sumptuous and Scrumptious

What is the correct usage? Is it a “sumptuous meal” or a “scrumptious meal”? Find out the difference between sumptuous and scrumptious below.

Meaning of Sumptuous

Sumptuous means splendid and expensive-looking. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines sumptuous as extremely costly, rich, luxurious, or magnificent.

Sumptuous means: impressive in a way that seems expensive.


  • The guest of honor turned up in a sumptuous dress.
  • I had never seen such a sumptuous apartment.

Meaning of Scrumptious

Scrumptious means: tasting extremely good.


  • I had some scrumptious cakes.
  • Would you like some scrumptious eggs and salad for dinner?
  • What a scrumptious treat!

Difference Between Sumptuous and Scrumptious

Sumptuous is an adjective that means magnificent, luxurious, and splendid. In contrast, Scrumptious is an adjective that means delicious; or delectable.

One may ask, “Is ‘sumptuous buffet’ correct or should it be ‘scrumptious buffet’ instead?

Find out below.

Sumptuous Vs. Scrumptious

Sumptuous is used for rich, expensive, stylish and extravagant things. It could be used to describe (to pick a few things at random) clothes, carpets, meals, accommodation, etc.

Scrumptious is informal and is most often used for food to mean “very tasty.” Sometimes it is used by people to mean “attractive” or “fanciable.”

If you describe food as scrumptious, you mean it tastes extremely good.

What is the Correct Usage?

What is the correct usage? Does one say a sumptuous meal? Or a scrumptious meal?

A sumptuous meal is WRONG.


A scrumptious meal is CORRECT.

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