The cost of studying abroad is not funny. When you consider the dollar rate to the Naira today, you understand why only the very rich can afford to send their kids abroad for studies. However, we thank God for scholarships! It has given other less privileged but equally gifted individuals, the opportunity to travel and study abroad. ##Top 10 Study Abroad Scholarships for Nigerians

study abroad scholarships for nigerians

The bane of many of students who want to study abroad (both those who have graduated and those who are still studying for the first degree) is that they lack the right information about the best study abroad scholarships they should consider applying for. In view of this, we decided to do a compilation of the top study abroad scholarships which readily accepts Nigerians. Find the list of top 10 studies abroad scholarship below.

York University International Student Scholarship

This scholarship is perhaps the best paying scholarship you will find out there. The scholarship, also known as Global Leader of Tomorrow scholarships, offers a fully paid international scholarship for full-time undergraduate students at the University of York. Winners of this scholarship can earn up to $112,000 before the end of their 4-year degree program.

 Clark University Global Scholarship

This a scholarship being offered by a prestigious university in the United States of America which is open to both non-US citizens. This means that Nigerians can apply for this scholarship. Applications are accepted from High School or Secondary leavers who have a minimum of 4 distinctions in their WAEC examinations. The good thing about this scholarship is that accepted students get to be paid a whopping sum of $40,000 in their 4-year stay in the University. Clark University is located in Massachusetts USA.

University of Westminster Full International Scholarship

The University of Westminster in the United Kingdom offers a complete scholarship for exceptional African students who wish to earn their first degree in the UK. Academically gifted young Nigerians can apply because the scholarship is aimed at providing top quality education for people from developing countries who contribute to the development of their country after graduation. If you win this scholarship, you wouldn’t have to pay a dime of tuition fees for all your years in school.

UBC International Leader of tomorrow scholarship

The scholarship is organized by the University of British Columbia (UBC). The scholarship is for both post-graduates and high school leavers. The scholarship is awarded to outstanding students whose excellent grades speak volumes. Winners of this scholarship do not pay a dime all through school. The scholarship also covers for living costs too. And of course, Nigerians can apply.

University of West London International Ambassador Scholarship

This is an international scholarship is organized basically for international students who could go on to act as ambassadors of the University of West London. Non-EU residents such as Nigerians can apply. This is a fully paid scholarship. You can apply for a Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree.

Adelaide International Undergraduate scholarship

This is an international scholarship that is created to attract outstanding international students who are undertaking anundergraduate study (of which Nigerians are plenty). The scholarship covers up to a respectable percentage of the entire yearly tuition fee anyone who wins this scholarship.

Reach Oxford Scholarship

This is one scholarship which was created for students who come from low-income countries and cannot meet up to the financial requirement of studying in a foreign country. The Reach Oxford scholarship is quite an impressive one because it pays the tuition fees, college fees and living expenses of those who successfully secure this scholarship. Nigerians are invited to apply.

Denys Holland Scholarship

Another scholarship that Nigerian undergraduate can look forward to applying for is the Denys Holland Scholarship. This scholarship pays and caters for the financial needs of outstanding students who intend in studying at the University College London. Successful applicants of this scholarship can earn as much $9000 every year.

ICSP Scholarship

The International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) scholarship is an international scholarship for students who wish to study abroad. Nigerians who would like to study at the University of Oregon can hurry and apply for the ICSP scholarship. The scholarship pays a yearly stipend of $27,000 to students who win it. Applications begin in January.

La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarship

For Nigerians who wouldn’t mind traveling as far away as Australia to study, one scholarship they should consider applying for is the La Trobe scholarship. The La Trobe scholarship rewards academic excellence by paying the fees of students who win it with a yearly stipend of close to $20,000 which obviously covers for tuition and living expenses.


is there any other scholarship that should be on this list?

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