How to Know What You Really Want In Life

How to Know What You Really Want In Life.

If you have asked yourself ‘what do i really want in life?’, you are not alone. The question on self discovery is the most prevalent and among the most important but the answer is always available to few.

Each new day, people chase things that are unproductive to them, and they lose the battle of emerging victorious in the hunt for their passion.

How to Know What You Really Want In Life

Steps To Discover Your Life Potentials

Understand Your Heart Connection:

When I talk about the heart connection, I mean your hearts greatest desire. You look, and will always look like your mind. Therefore, If you must discover your potential, first answer the question of the mind, “what is the deepest desire of your heart?”.

Understand your Passion:

Action needs passion, or it will be sanctioned. Understand your passion and let it find expression. The second step to discover your potential is to find out what stirs your passion. If I may ask, what stirs your passion?

Passion requires hard work, focus and the willingness to fail over and over again. If you want to really be passionate, the five steps below will help:

  • Learn more about passion.
  • Get advice and insight from those who dream the same.
  • Set targets and work hard to make them a reality.
  • Have what you really stand for.
  • Share your passion with others.

Understand What Gives You Joy:

This is the third step to discover your potential. It is a very simple truth you must not fail to tell yourself.

What do you enjoy doing most that you forget to eat? Remember, telling yourself the truth is honesty and telling others is integrity.

The truth you tell yourself here is what will determine your level of self discovery and fulfillment.

Understand Your Natural Ability:

Having understood your passion and what gives you joy, it is time to understand what you are naturally able to do.

The truth of the matter is that, whatever you were designed and manufactured to do will feel natural when you do it.

Can you quickly answer this question, what naturally flows out of you?

 Understand What You Do Well:

Ever wondered how you achieve what take others time easily? that’s exactly what I am talking about.

Although others find it complex, it will be simple for you. Jot down the gifts that people commend you for. Know where you produce good results without stress.

Ask yourself. “What do people say I do well?”

Understand Your Dreams:

Your dream is what determines your drive. When I talk about dream, I do not mean the metaphysical dream. I mean the Luther King’s definition.

The best time to dream is when your eyes are open.

Begin to find out the ideas, visions, and dreams that are impossible to get out of your mind.

 Understand What You Can Sacrifice:

It is yet another time to embark on critical reasoning.

If you knew you would not fail and you had all the power you will ever need, what would you do? difficult question right! You have to answer this with utmost care and sincerity of heart.

If will help you discover what you really want in life. Let me ask you another question, to what can you give 100% of your time?

Understand The Place Of A Mentor:

Like I always say, the absence of mentor is the presence of tormentors. Have a mentor.

A mentor is someone who will help you cultivate your greatest joy, interest or talent.

They are persons who you dream to be like. A good mentor can help you identify and even fulfill your potential. Walk to that person now and say, “I want you to be my mentor”.

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