What is Sovereign National Conference?

A Dive into Sovereign National Conference!

Some of us might be wondering why does a country like Nigeria need a Sovereign National Conference? Yes, It is important because Nigeria is made up of distinctive tribal nationalities and ethnic groups, and they have to occasionally come together to recognize and consent to the sovereignty of the country. It is necessary for equality and authenticity and to negate the principle of divisiveness and disunity that have permeated every part of the country.

The Nigerian nation is divided into unsustainable structures which have led to the rise of warring factions as states. Togetherness, reconciliation, and lasting peace is the aim of a Sovereign National Conference.

Sovereign National Conference

Types of Sovereign National Conference

Two types of sovereign national conference exist, which are:’

  • The national conference or constitutional conference, which respects the sovereignty of the country.
  • The Sovereign national conference, which may threaten the sovereignty of the country.

The constitutional conference

This is organised with the aim of restructuring the constitution of Nigeria. Nigeria has suffered from imposed constitutions. The colonialists and the military rulers carried out these impositions. In the last century, Nigeria has experienced more than ten constitutional conferences, often resulting in providing inefficient solutions to the problems of Nigeria.

In 1914, 1922, 1946, 1951, 1954, 1960, 1963, 1975, 1989, 1995, 1999 and 2014, various constitutional conferences were carried out to solve the social-political problems of the country.

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Sovereign National Conference

A Sovereign National conference does not always lead to a dissolution of the country. It is a means of charting a new course for the progress of the Nigerian nation. Since the existing constitutional, economic and political structure have failed the Nigerian populace, a change is imminent.

A change that is devoid of war and chaos. That is the aim of a Sovereign National Conference. Since the Nigerian people have not had any input in previous conferences, the events in the country have always been to their disfavour: ranging from corruption, insecurity, poverty, crime to disillusionment and an atmosphere of hopelessness. This has given rise for a call for a Sovereign National Conference where duly elected representatives of the people can work together for the future of the nation.

Importance of a Sovereign National Conference

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Here are the functions of the sovereign national conference:

  • Find a solution to the myriad of challenges and problems plaguing the country.
  • Eliminate all bottlenecks and deterrents that have blocked the country’s progress and ability to attain justice, political equity, economic progress and cultural unity.
  • Forge a new constitution that will ensure the progress of the country politically, culturally, socially and economically.
  • Reconcile and bring lasting peace to any grievances among ethnic nationalities in the country.
  • Preserve the hopes and aspiration of the Nigerian populace towards attaining a country that they are proud of.
  • Create a Nigeria that is home to every ethnic nationality, tribal affiliation and religious group.

How To Summon A Sovereign National Conference

If the country is rapidly sliding into anarchy and failed state status, a sovereign national conference might be the only solution. The sovereign national conference is charged with the responsibility of tackling all issues that affect the country. It does not serve as a governing body.

A Sovereign National Conference is convened by the government of the country involving the president, speaker of the house, senate president and all the governors of the 36 states and 36 speakers of the state house of assemblies. Laws must be passed in both the National and state house of assemblies to legitimate the sovereign national conference. A fresh election should be held after the expiration of the national conference and matters tackle should be subjected to votes by the Nigerian populace through a referendum.

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