2022 Best School Management System Software for Nigerian Schools

School Management System Software in 2022…

This article will explore some of the essential school administration software that will boost efficiency and save time while ensuring that the way your school organizes data becomes more accurate.

So, if you are searching for the best school management system software, then scroll down below this article.

Best School Management System Software for Nigerian Schools

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About School Management System Software

School management software is a tremendous asset to any school or educational institution. It guarantees a great synergy between students and teachers. It aids in resource management while systematically arranging records for storage.

This is an essential tool for any institution. Below is a list of the best school management system software from which you can pick the one you need. Below is the list of top School Management System Software

2022 List of Top Rated School Management System Software for Nigerian Schools


Best School Management System Software for Nigerian Schools

Veyon means Virtual Eye On Networks, and it is currently among the best, free and most popular school management system software.

With Veyon, teachers would be able to keep an eye on the computers of pupils and students alike. What this implies is that students’ computers, with the help of Veyon, will be very accessible to teachers.

Veyon is an OpenSource software which means that the software is flexible, very innovative, and continually improving.



Best School Management System Software for Nigerian Schools

Edmondo is a top-rated school management software, with close to 90 million users. Edmondo can be likened to a community where teachers and schools can share ideas, link up and collaborate.

The platform has allowed teachers to streamline tasks like communication with students and parents, give homework, share classwork etc.

The software is centered around the teacher, so students and parents cannot join the network except the teacher invite them.

Edmondo is a freemium school management software system, which means advanced features are paid for. It is available for download on google play or their website.


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Best School Management System Software for Nigerian Schools

SchoolInsight is a fully packed school management software system. It is designed for schools. It is highly useful and cost-effective.  It can be used for a variety of school-related functions including marking attendance, grading and scheduling.

It also provides a platform for measuring student’s behavior for better discipline and checking on student’s health records.


LanSchool Lite

LanSchool Lite is another spectacular school management software system. It can be used to impart students with the knowledge of computers, make communication in the classroom better, and improve the educational quality in your school.

LanSchool Lite has a whole lot of features, including secure communication between students and teachers, monitoring students’ activities on school computers, for testing/measuring/reporting, and managing schools’ computers.


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NetSupport School

Best School Management System Software for Nigerian Schools

NetSupport School is a widely-used school management software system that has won accolades around the world. It has helped schools streamline recording and data and ensure active collaboration and integrated management.

This has saved the time of teachers and helped students remain focused while improving their results and help them to learn better.


Netop Vision

Best School Management System Software for Nigerian Schools

Netop Vision is a school management software system that facilitates learning experience by restricting student’s access to any websites or gadgets.

Other features of Netop Vision, a high school management system, include the ability to see everything on the screen of students. It also allows teachers to share task on students’ screens without the need for projectors, web filters that block student access to websites.



The SAFSMS software system provides schools with powerful educational management solutions. It fosters participation from employers, parents, and instructors. It also promotes openness, increases efficiency, and addresses frequent issues that arise when running a school.



Educare is a Modern School Management Software that was created to remove the need for tedious work. Educare is a low-cost platform that helps lighten the burden of school management by automating activities to improve educational quality, reduce operating expenses, and generate income through higher enrollment.

Educare guarantees data security, a connected experience, data-driven insights, and adaptability.


Why Should Nigerian Schools Adopt School Management Systems?

  • Better management of information.
  • This will enable swift communication about fees, PTA meetings, examinations, etc.
  • Highly simplified and stress-free to use.
  • It can be used to track the activities of students and teachers.
  • It is highly accessible to both parents and teachers.
  • It enhances transparent practices.

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