Apply for Romanian State Scholarships 2021/2022 for Foreign Citizens

Apply for Romanian State Scholarships 2021/2022 for Foreign Citizens.

Romanian State Scholarships 2021 – See how to apply for Romanian State Scholarships 2021/2022 for Foreign Citizens to study in romans here.

Romanian State Scholarships

The scholarship program offered by the Romanian state, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to foreign citizens, based on H.G. 288/1993, was announced for the academic year 2021 – 2022. The scholarships are offered to foreign citizens from countries not members of the European Union for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

85 scholarships for under- and postgraduate studies in Romania, through selection of application files, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Ministry of Education and Research (hereafter, MER), in keeping with current Romanian legislation.

Romanian State Scholarships Fields of Study

The fields of study are the following (indicative list): architecture, visual arts, Romanian culture and civilization, journalism, political and administrative sciences, education sciences, social and human sciences, technical studies, oil and gas, agricultural sciences, veterinary medicine.

Scholarships are NOT awarded in the fields of medicine, dental medicine, and pharmacy.

Romanian State Scholarships Eligibility & Requirements


  • Foreign citizens coming from all the states of the world, except for E.U. member states. Foreign citizens of Romanian origin and those belonging to the neighbouring historic Romanian communities benefit from other scholarship programs.
  • The applicant for the scholarship must not hold Romanian citizenship, did not request or did not obtain a form of protection in Romania, is not a stateless person whose residence on Romanian territory is officially recognized according to the law, is not a member of the diplomatic corps accredited to Bucharest or member of a family of the diplomatic corps accredited in Romania, has not benefited from a scholarship from the Romanian state on the same course of study.
  • The applicant for the scholarship must present study papers issued by accredited/recognized educational institutions, have good results in education, respectively an average of the study years of at least 7 (seven) corresponding to the scoring system in Romania or the “Good” score, as the case.
  • The applicant for the scholarship is not, until 31 December of the year in which he/she was nominated, more than 35 years of age – for bachelor and master studies and 45 years respectively – for doctoral studies or postgraduate studies.


Language of study

To promote the Romanian language and culture among foreign citizens, the beneficiaries of scholarships granted by the Romanian state should study only in the Romanian language.

The candidates who do not know Romanian are offered one supplementary preparatory year to study the language.

Romanian State Scholarships Cycles

The scholarships are awarded for 3 study cycles:

a) For the first cycle (undergraduate)

This scheme is dedicated to graduates of high schools or of equivalent pre-university studies, as well as to candidates who require the continuation of their studies in Romania.

The complete cycle of university studies lasts for 3 to 6 years, according to the specific requirements of the chosen faculty, and ends with a final examination (licență).

b) For the 2nd cycle (master)

This scheme is dedicated to graduates of university/postgraduate studies. It lasts for one and a half to two years and ends with the defence of a dissertation.

c) For the 3rd cycle (doctorate)

This scheme is dedicated to the graduates of university/postgraduate studies (i.e. master).

It lasts for 3-4 years, in keeping with the specific requirements of the chosen faculty, and ends with a doctor’s thesis.

Admission to a PhD course is conditioned by an entrance examination.

Romanian State Scholarships Benefits

The grant is awarded monthly to students in the 1st (undergraduate) and 2nd (master) cycle throughout the whole academic year, the winter and spring vacation included, but not during the summer vacation.

The monthly grant is awarded throughout the whole calendar year for full-time students of the 3rd cycle (doctorate).

The scholarship consists of:

Free-of-charge tuition

Free-of-charge accommodation

Depending on availability, accommodation will be offered free of charge in students’ halls of residence, in keeping with the higher education regulations and within the limits of the sums available for this purpose.

Financial support

A monthly amount representing:

  • The equivalent in Romanian currency of 65 EURO per month for undergraduate students (1st cycle).
  • The equivalent in Romanian currency of 75 EURO per month, for postgraduate students (master degrees and specialization) 2nd cycle.
  • The equivalent in Romanian currency of 85 EURO per month, for postgraduate students (doctorate) 3rd cycle.

These scholarships do not cover food, international and local transport. The candidates must be prepared to personally support any other additional expenses.

How to Apply

The scholarship application can be sent ONLY through the Study in Romania platform.

Candidates can access the platform at, via the Apply for MFA scholarships button, or directly at

Applications can be submitted between 20 December 2021 and 15 March 2022, with the selection results being announced on 15 July 2022.

Upon selection, additional formalities will be required, such as obtaining a visa.

To get all the necessary information about the scholarships (conditions, necessary documents, enrolment calendar) and to submit their application files, the candidates should apply directly to:

  • the Romanian diplomatic missions accredited to the candidate’s country of origin, or of residence, or to
  • the diplomatic mission of the candidate’s state of origin accredited to Bucharest

Applications files should contain documents in the English or French languages.

Suppose the application files contain documents in foreign languages other than English or French. In that case, they must be accompanied by official translations in one of the following languages: Romanian, English or French.

Generally, Romanian universities may require that all enrolment documents should be accompanied by authorized copies and authorized translations in Romanian.


That’s all. Why not take advantage of this scholarship opportunity and study in Romania.

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