Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

A relationship is beautiful when there is an understanding between both parties.

As a matter of fact, while love is essential in every relationship, understanding and trust are more essential.

Many relationships and even marriages have failed despite the love that existed between them.

One of the ways you get to understand people is by conversing with them.

The conversation is very essential in every relationship.

So, are you in a relationship already and you would love to go deep into such a relationship, the best way to start is by getting to know and understand the person.

You do this by asking relevant questions.

Actually, no question is irrelevant in a sense, but there are certain questions that could help you know the person you are with better.

Such questions will help you discover some important things about him. What he does, how he is thinking and whether your opinions coincide.

In this post, we have outlined 10 questions that are very important that you should ask your boyfriend which will help you know who he truly is.

questions to ask your boyfriend

10 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

1. Why do you love me?

It is not just enough for your boyfriend to tell you he loves you. It is important you know the reason(s) he does.

This question will help you to know how genuine his love for you truly is.

Is his love based on your physical appearance or material things? If yes, what then happens if these things are no longer there?


2. How do you imagine your perfect girl, and what are the qualities you look for in a girl? 

This question will help you know if you are his perfect girl, or he is just doing pass time with you while waiting for another.

More so, knowing the qualities your boyfriend requires from you, can help you work and develop some of these qualities that you do not have.


3. How do you express love, by words or actions?

I know the saying that ‘actions speak louder than words,’ but there are certain guys that when they love you dearly, tend to express it more in words.

You should know how your man expresses his love, so you don’t become blind when he is showing you he loves you.


4. What are your future ambitions and career interest?

Believe me, you do not want to go deep in a relationship with a guy just to later discover that his future goals do not picture you, or that they vary completely with your interest.

To avoid that, you should ask him this question now.


5. Which occupy the first position in your life,  girls, job/business, hobbies or sports?

Do you know your place in your man’s life, does he value other things like his job, business, hobbies, or sports more than you?

If he were to choose between you and these things, would he chose you? Asking this question will help you know this.


6. What are your likes and dislikes? 

Knowing your boyfriends’ likes and dislikes is very good, especially if you want to get along just very fine.

There are certain things you just have to avoid or do, especially when you know he detests or appreciates them.


7. What lessons did you learn from your previous relationships?

Your boyfriend certainly has had partners in the past.

Hearing about those relationships will help you find out a lot about what he will expect from you from his previous relationships.

You can also find out what to expect from him and how he acts when things go bad.


 8. What were the last two books you read?

If you are a reader, it important for you to find out if your boyfriend is also a reader.


9. Do you have role models, who are they?

It is important to ask this question, as it will help you discover the kind of person your boyfriend desire to become.

This will help you know if you would love to be with such kind of person.


10. How do you feel about pets and animals?

If either of you love animals and the other person hates them, this could probably get either of you upset especially if you two move in together.

These questions are not only meant to be asked by ladies alone.

You could also ask your girlfriend these questions, and find out more about her.

It is important to know that some questions will reveal your partner’s goals, his values, some will make you laugh, and some will perhaps shock you.

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