Princeton University Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Students 2023

Princeton University Tuition Fees: Here are the complete details of the 2022-2023 Princeton University Undergraduate tuition fee. Regular tuition is now $56,010, and the Room charge is $10,690. I have also included payment options for different categories of candidates. Continue reading to see more information below:

Princeton University Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Students 2023

Princeton University Undergraduate Tuition

Student Budget

The cost of attendance for 2023-24 is $83,140 and includes:

  • Tuition: $59,710.
  • Housing: $11,400.
  • Food: $7,980.
  • Estimated miscellaneous expenses: $4,050.

The room charge and board rate are standard for the University dormitories and meal plans. Estimated miscellaneous expenses include the activities fee, class dues and a one-time transcript fee. These items, totaling an estimated $250 of the $3,500 estimated for books and personal expenses, are billed by the University along with tuition, room and board. Financial aid credits are deducted from the University bill of $74,440 for those who qualify, leaving the remainder due as a family payment on either a semester or monthly basis.

This estimate does not include the cost of travel, which may range between $300 and $5,000. Students not covered by a family health insurance policy must purchase Student Health Plan coverage; the plan’s cost for the 2021-22 academic year is $2,780.

Payment Options

Princeton offers different methods for paying the University bill:

  • One payment each semester: If you choose the semester plan, one-half of Princeton’s charges will be due in the fall and one-half in the spring. Any subsequent miscellaneous charges a student incurs (for example, charging books to the student account) are due in full during the semester the charge is made.
  • Ten monthly payments: The monthly payment plan allows you to spread payments out over the academic year, from August through May. The enrollment fee for this option is $40 per semester.
  • Princeton Parent Loan (PPL): This loan gives families the opportunity to borrow their share of Princeton’s costs at either a variable or a fixed interest rate (currently 1.60 percent variable and 3.99 percent fixed) that is adjusted before the start of each academic year. The PPL is available to families based on their credit history and ability to meet repayment terms.  Further information about the PPL may be obtained from the Parent Loan Office.
  • Direct PLUS Loan: PLUS is a federally sponsored direct loan to parents who may borrow up to the cost of attendance less financial aid received. The PLUS interest rate is fixed at 5.30 percent in 2020-21, and program fees of up to 4.228 percent may be charged.

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Princeton University Cost Aid

Subsidized Loans

Subsidized loans are interest-deferred throughout in-school periods.

This implies that students are not meant to pay interest. Interest is not added to the loan amount whilst the student is enrolled. Subsidized loans begin accruing interest once enrollment ends.

A financial aid counselor must assess your eligibility for these need-based loans because not all students will be eligible for subsidized loans.

2022–23 Academic Year
Two subsidized loans are available to Princeton students

Subsidized Loan Descriptions
Loan Type Interest Rate Fees Annual Limit Repayment Period

Federal Direct Subsidized Student Loan

4.99% fixed – charged after enrollment ceases 1.057% Fr –  $3,500
So  $4,500
Jr    $5,500
Sr   $5,500
Begins 6 months after borrower leaves school – maximum 10-year repayment term

Princeton Subsidized Loan

4% fixed – charged during repayment None Determined by Financial Aid Office Begins 9 months after borrower leaves school – maximum 10-year repayment term


Unsubsidized Loans

Unsubsidized loans are used to fund part of the family’s payment to Princeton and to cover the expected family investment. They do not offer interest deferral; instead, interest must be paid while the student is enrolled or added to the loan balance.

2022–23 Academic Year
Two unsubsidized loans are available to Princeton students

Unubsidized Loan Descriptions
Loan Type Interest Rate Fees Annual Limit* Repayment Period

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Student Loan

4.99% fixed – accrues during enrollment 1.057% Fr –  $5,500
So – $6,500
Jr    $7,500
Sr   $7,500
Begins 6 months after borrower leaves school– maximum 10-year repayment term

Alternative Loans

Typically variable – tied to a market index (Prime, Libor, etc.) plus up to 10 points. Typical range is 4% to 15%. May range from 0 to 11% of the loan principal Cost of attendance minus student aid Typically begins 6 months after borrower leaves school – typical maximum 10-year repayment term
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