How to Post on Instagram from Laptop (2021 Guide)


How to Post on Instagram from Laptop…

This article will show you how to post on Instagram from your Laptop or desktop computer in a creative way. It will help you begin to upload your images and short videos on Instagram.

Instagram is an amazing social media platform that allows users to share pictures and short videos. Instagram has plenty of interactive features, making it a perfect channel for communication and networking. The irony is that it is difficult to post on Instagram from a laptop (windows or macintosh).

How to post on Instagram from your desktop

Some methods exist which you can post on Instagram from your desktop. Though, the type of computer you use matters as well.

So here are some of the methods you can post on Instagram via your computer.

How to post on Instagram from your computer using Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management platform. It can be used to upload your images and pictures and post them on Instagram via your laptop or desktop computer. And it is effortless as well.

Here are some of the simple ways you can post on your Instagram via laptop using Hootsuite:

  • Create a new Hootsuite account or log in here.
  • Access the Hootsuite dashboard, and get the green button at the top indicating a new post.
  •  So a new window will pop up. This allows you to pick an Instagram account, making it easy to post your images or video. You will find this under ‘post to.’ You can add a new Instagram account by selecting ‘ add social network.’
  • The media column is where your pictures and images that you are ready to post on Instagram should be dropped. Multiple images are not allowed yet. There is a photo editor that enables you to filter and improve your videos and images.
  • After finishing uploading, you are free to caption your images or add any hashtag via the text section. There is also room for you to include your location too.
  • Crosscheck for errors after drafting your post via review. When you are ready to post, select the post now option, or you can post later via schedule for later.

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How to post to Instagram from our computer via Google Chrome

Another great way of posting Instagram via your laptop is through the browser software, Google Chrome. You can begin the installation of Google Chrome if you are yet to have the browser app.

Here’s how to how to post Instagram from our computer via Google Chrome:

  • Access the URL of Instagram via your chrome browser:
  • At the top corner of the chrome browser, access the settings column. You will find more tools; click on developer tools.
  • This will direct you to the web developer platform for chrome browser.
  • The developer tool is for programmers, as it aids them test and diagnose or troubleshoot their websites. Today, it will be utilized for Instagram.
  • Click on mobile, then select the dropdown window.
  • After this, refresh your page, and then you will be able to access the mobile version of your browser. This will enable easy posting on Instagram on your laptop, exactly as the mobile application.

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