10 Best Places to Sell Used Electronics in the US

You could be living on a hidden treasure trove of untapped income if you have outdated electronic items lying around your house that you are no more using. How large is your inventory of electronic gadgets that you haven’t used in a while if you check in your storage boxes?

Making money while decluttering your home is a win-win situation. However, be wary of websites that promise to assist you in making a transaction.

To put you on the right track to real cash, we’ve explored the top places to sell your used electronics in the US.

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Sites to Sell Your Used Electronics

Whenever it is time to sell secondhand devices, the Internet is your playground. Here’s how to market your electronics on reputable websites and firms. It’s worth noting that these aren’t in any specific order.


SellCell is more than simply a place to sell your smartphone. They do, in fact, purchase electronics. It even mentions on their website that you can sell your electronics.

The nicest thing about SellCell is that they do most of the effort for you in determining who will pay you the highest for your electronic device.

Simply choose the categories in which your product is selling (smartphone, iPad, other electronics), then the manufacturer and type of the item, and SellCell will display the highest prices from each bidder. They even display their Trustpilot rating.

When you’ve decided on a buyer, SellCell connects you with them instantly to complete the transaction.

In a nutshell, SellCell displays the perfect deal for your item. Smart work, not hard, is the way to go.


Despite how intimidating it may appear initially, selling your secondhand equipment on Amazon is a relatively simple procedure. To start selling, you’ll need to create a third-party seller profile.

You’ll input your tax info and other private details, but before you know it, you’ll be listing stuff to your heart’s content.

Amazon is a large online marketplace where users may buy secondhand goods in any condition. As a result, when creating a listing, your devices do not need to be in excellent shape. To avoid misleading people, make sure to explain its health in the product description.

Keep in mind that Amazon will charge you a marketing and final-sale charge. If you want to sell secondhand devices on a regular basis, you can create a Satisfied by Amazon account (FBA). This profile comes with a $39 monthly fee, but you’ll get a lot of value out of it.


Decluttr is a recognized leading company in electronics recycling, with over 5,000,000 satisfied consumers. The pudding is the proof. Their payout generously and make the selling procedure simple. You may either use their site or install the Decluttr app for Android or iOS to start a sale.

Begin by selecting the goods you wish to sell to Decluttr, then entering specific model details, quality, available components, and other details to receive an instant price.

They also have a Price Promise, which guarantees that you will get your advertised price within a day of receiving and evaluating your purchase.

Pack up your device and submit it to Decluttr once you receive your free shipping tag via email. When it gets at Decluttr, it will be examined and, if required, all of your private details will be removed.

Customers get paid fast by Decluttr, and if the equipment is in poorer condition than stated, you will be contacted with an updated trade-in offer. If you decline their revised offer, they will return your gadget to you at no cost.

They pay the next business day after they receive your device. Sellers have the option of receiving payment via direct deposit, PayPal, or cheque. You can also contribute your profits to a good cause.


If you need to sell your secondhand electronics quickly and don’t want to deal with customers, utilize Gazelle. Start by informing Gazelle what you’d like to sell, and it will give you an estimate of how much it will cost. After that, you can accept or reject the pricing.If you opt to sell your electronics to Gazelle, you will receive free shipping. It will even mail the package to you.

Gazelle will pay you through PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, or check once they receive the item and are happy that the condition matches your description. Gazelle has just introduced self-service booths in which you can drop off your stuff and get cash right away.

Keep in mind that this sum will be less than what you’d regularly receive, but it’ll come in handy if you need money right away.


Swappa is a popular platform for buying and selling secondhand phones. You will not be charged a fee as the seller, but you really should consider PayPal fees if your smartphone sells. Swappa will charge buyers a fee depending on the total sale price.

It’s simple to make a listing. To make it easier for customers to sift through listings, start by drafting a headline and description, then a few questions. Swappa’s bar chart, which illustrates price swings for your equipment over time, makes it simple to set a reasonable price.

You can sell a wide range of products, including handsets, ipads, e-readers, virtual reality headsets, and watches, however, Windows computers are not accepted.

Trade-In Program at Best Buy

It’s simple to turn in your old devices for a Best Buy gift card at Best Buy. Most of the time, you won’t get as many as you would if you sold your equipment to a consumer, but the procedure is quick, which is wonderful if you wouldn’t want to wait.

You may also use Best Buyer’s website’s trade-in estimate to determine how much your item is valued. This is an excellent approach to estimate how much you’ll get and determine whether the Trade-In program is worthwhile.

The only drawback to this program is that you’ll only receive a gift card rather than cash. On the plus side, the Best Buy Trade-In Program allows you to sell a variety of electronics, including iPhones, iPads, laptops, cell phones, video games, cameras, televisions, and home theatre systems.


When it comes to selling secondhand products, you can’t avoid mentioning eBay. This is an excellent forum for selling secondhand devices (including your used iPhone), regardless of their condition. Even smartphones with damaged or shattered screens can be repaired.

On any given day, eBay has over 1.3 billion items for sale, making it one of the largest online platforms.

Once you’ve determined what electronic device you wish to trade, you should set a competitive rate for it. Luckily, eBay’s evaluation tool makes this process simple. This tool allows you to calculate the trending price of a similar item based on the pricing of sellers.

There are two purchasing options on the marketplace: auction and “buy it now.” The former is what made eBay famous, as it increases the likelihood of products being sold. If you need a speedy sale or would like to sell a competitive electronic, this is a successful buying strategy.

However, you always should establish a reserve price on your gadget that is the smallest amount you are ready to accept.

There is no need to bid on fixed-price ads. It is easy for the vendor and eliminates the need for negotiating or waiting for the auction to close. However, when figuring your selling price for either listing, make sure to factor in any selling fees and delivery expenses.

Although eBay isn’t particularly a marketplace for specialists, the product information you create for your item should be properly considered. Think like a potential buyer when writing this section of the listing because it influences your ranking in eBay searches.

You should choose keywords that users would input into the search field. If you’re putting up a used iPhone 6s for sales, for instance, you may use a title like “Used iPhone 6s 32GB, rose gold.” This kind of utmost precision will distinguish your listing from the others.

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