Websites to Download PC Games for Free (2021)

Websites to Download PC Games – Are you searching for the websites to download Pc games for free? If yes, then you have to stop searching as this article contains the list of game websites that allows you to download almost all its games for free.

Best Websites to Download PC Games for Free

Websites to Download PC Games – Mobile games is one of the most downloaded items online that can take the place of a boredom killer whenever you are feeling bored.

Someone like me, there are some moments that I will be home alone without anyone to talk to because I don’t particularly appreciate mingling with people. But guess what I will do? I will locate my Pc to play my installed games.

Nevertheless, many at times, when I want to download a particular game that interests me, I will be asked to pay for the game of which is not proper for me. So, that alone, challenged me to research on How to download the games for free without paying a dime.

I know many of you out there are also facing this challenge and that why we’ve decided to bring you a list of websites you can download any PC games for free without paying for its subscription.

Here, I’ve compiled the list of the top best website that PC users can download games of their choice for free.

However, you have to know that its not all the games on the listed websites that are to be downloaded for free. Some are paid. But the majority are free.

You can download PC games for free by only using any of the following websites that are listed below;


By visiting, you can easily see and download small-sized games of 100 Mb or more like Treasure Island, Time Machine, The Three Musketeers, the statue of liberty, and many more PC games for Casual Gamers to download freely for your PC.

Gametop, in recent times, has emerged as the biggest gaming community where you can explore any type of games without paying a dime. Gamers can also play online games without the need for installation or download. You can also find games for other gaming platforms such as android, iOS, Mac and window PC.



If you want to download the full version of Pc games like GTA San Andreas, Splinter Cell, Half-life, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Battlefield 3, DOTA 2, Black Ops, Delta Force, and other full version PC games for free, I will advise you to consider using


3. is best rated as the home of free PC games downloads for all fans of card games, pool games, Car Games, sports games, action games, adventure games & girl games.

This website contains the best girl games like Cake Shop, Magic Farm, treasure island, and other exciting girl games.

Since it was launched in late 2007, this free gaming website has become a reliable go-to centre for online and downloadable games. One unique thing about is that the site is always updated with superior quality, easily-downloadable and fun games. They also buy gaming projects from talented software developers.

To get started with free PC games downloads on, click on the visit site link below.


4. is something similar to Steam. Here at ORIGIN, the majority of the games are paid, and you will have to buy these to play. However, Origin does, at times, offers free games download for its users.

Origin was created by gaming giant, Electronic Arts for gaming fans to seamlessly play and download video games. Today, the platform supports mobile gaming and PC gaming. On this platform, you can chat with friends, create a profile and share your game via social media sites like Facebook and Playstation networks.


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5. Gog.Com

This is another website where you can go and purchase a legit copy of a game. You don’t have to worry about the viruses or malware that comes with pirated games when buying for GOG.

Nevertheless, there are discounts on games such as Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Bloodstained, and Frostpunk that you get at a fraction of the price. was launched in 2008 and is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. It has a huge customer base and supports mostly PC gaming platforms such as Windows, macOS and Linux.



CNET is fully loaded with games of all genres like Arcade Games, FPS(First Person Shooter Games), Strategy Games, Racing Games, Cards Games, Pool Snooker Games, Android Games, Sports Games, Role Playing Games, Kids Games, Girl Games, Real-time strategy Games, Role Playing Games & many more exciting game categories.

CNET has over 350,000 downloadable software for visitors and members. You can get windows, macOS, Andriod and iOS games for cheap or free. The games are free of malware and bloatware.

By visiting CNET official website, you will be able to download Pc games for free without spending any amount on them.

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For safety sake, it’s not that good to download the non-genuine copies of the games as they can have the virus, malware, adware, and other security issues.

That’s why it’s always advisable to play the games by downloading them from the official website by paying the game developers.

If you want to enjoy the games without any form of disturbances unlimitedly, I will advise you to buy a game and play.

It is also advisable to use anti-virus software to scan for malware or spyware before download. Good anti-virus software will allow you to scan files as you are trying to download or immediately after downloading before installation. Ensure you do not install a gaming file except you have checked it with an anti-virus.

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