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Are you a recent high school graduate or a skilled professional seeking a career switch? Have you ever considered a career in law? If you believe that having a law degree is the only way to work in the legal field, you are mistaken. Online paralegal certificate courses for undergraduates and graduates can provide you with the skills you need to work as a paralegal or legal associate in less than a year.

Today’s online paralegal certificate courses make it convenient for students to prepare for a job without spending a lot of money or going to a campus. In this article, we will explore the top online paralegal certification programs available this year.

Best Online Paralegal Courses in 2022

Certified paralegals perform a valuable role in the legal profession. These100 per cent online courses are designed to get you to be a competent paralegal. You’ll learn how to do a range of duties that paralegals do on a daily basis, including legal research, investigations, and analysis.

Online Paralegal Certificate Program by the University of Texas

The University of Texas at Austin offers a completely virtual, self-paced paralegal certification course that can be completed in as little as twelve months.

The course covers topics such as the law of torts, contracts, arbitration, and Texas rules of civil procedure, which are all important for new paralegals. UT Austin students contact their instructors frequently during virtual business hours, despite participating in a self-paced course.

The curriculum is an excellent fit for wannabe lawyers or working professionals wishing to change careers. Anyone with a high school education is eligible to apply, while new students are encouraged to have an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Online Paralegal Studies Certificate Program by Boston University

Boston University is a renowned research university that offers an online paralegal certification that can be finished completely remotely. You’ll explore prominent parts of the legal industry and build vital skills using the hottest technologies and resources in this 14-week rigorous curriculum.

Those seeking a certificate must complete two seven-week sessions. Among the topics covered in these courses are legal research, writing and argumentation, commercial law, property investment law, and the latest in legal technology. The majority of the coursework is self-paced, with interactive, classroom-based sessions held once or twice a week. BU paralegal students use a digital chat board to communicate with other students in the classroom.

Students in the BU paralegal certificate program engage with legal scholars and professional attorneys through the internet and can visit during remote work hours for assistance. Learners can access career counselling and support with LinkedIn profiles and job applications. While there are no academic requirements for admission, BU suggests that students obtain an associate or bachelor’s degree and related job experience before enrolling.

Certificate Program in Paralegal Studies by University of California, Berkeley

The online extension program at UC Berkeley provides certification in paralegal studies. Participants complete the certification fully online, with no requirement to attend classes on campus. After six to twelve months of study, trainees are prepared for paralegal practice in any state.

Berkeley’s paralegal certification course requires students to take six classes, including three electives. The curriculum emphasizes legal research, customer interaction, and case file management as vital skills. You’ll learn abilities in retrieving, organizing, and evaluating electronic records that can be utilized as evidence in the judicial process and a strong background in civil and criminal law themes. Foundational skills, leadership, research, writing, and paralegal e-discovery method and practice are all compulsory coursework.

Students pursuing an online paralegal certification must have a 2.5 GPA and pass all six classes with a C or better in order to graduate. Students who earn a 4.0 in the program receive a certificate of distinction.

Online paralegal certificate programs for undergraduates

To apply for these programs, you must have a high school diploma, an associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree. The coursework at this stage encompasses the basics and day-to-day skills you will need to function as a paralegal.

These courses are particularly well suited for students with hardly any relevant experience who wish to cultivate foundational skillset in legal firms, governmental organizations, businesses, etc.

You may be able to convert credits from a paralegal certification course to an associate or bachelor’s degree later, depending on your ambitions and educational qualification.

This online paralegal certificate program is offered by a number of accredited colleges. They include:

Liberty University (Fully Online)

Ashworth College (Fully Online)

American Military University (Fully-Online)

Duke University (Fully Online)

University of Massachusetts Lowell (Fully-Online or Hybrid)

Louisiana State University (Fully Online)

Rasmussen University (Fully-Online)

Online paralegal certificate programs for graduates

Graduate online paralegal certificate courses require students to have a bachelor’s degree or higher as a prerequisite. Graduate paralegal credentials are more intellectually rigorous than undergraduate paralegal certificates since they require more schooling for admittance.

Graduate students are expected to have a strong foundation in core academic areas such as the arts, organizational skills, political science, literature, and language. In this way, participants dive deeper into paralegal skills and legal processes.

There’s also a good chance you’ll be eligible to apply for graduate-level paralegal studies certificate credit toward a relevant master’s degree.

You can get a job as a law clerk, paralegal, legal secretary, and more after earning your graduate paralegal certificate.

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Examples of Accredited Colleges with This Graduate Paralegal Certificate Program

Rice University (Fully Online)

The George Washington University (Fully Online or On-Campus)

Purdue University Global (Fully Online)

Hamline University (Fully Online)

Eastern Kentucky University (Fully Online)

Villanova University (Fully Online or On-Campus)

The University of California, Irvine (Fully Online)

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