Online Music Production Degrees

Music calms the soul, lifts our spirits, and brings happiness into our life. Music is a significant source of pleasure for many of us, serving as the soundtrack to our entertainment (movies, television, and video games) and the background sound to our daily lives.

If you have a passion for music and want to pursue a career in music production, it will be an excellent decision to enrol in music production school and earn a degree to help you flourish in the music sector. The music industry generated $5.7 billion in sales in the first half of 2020. Consider acquiring an online music production degree to get your career started.

Online Music Production Degree

If you are passionate about music and, like other individuals, enjoy listening to it, then you might be a good fit for music production school.  Even if you don’t know how to play an instrument, you can still work in the music industry as a music producer or sound engineer.

Music teachers, music directors, music therapists, and composers are all possible professional paths for persons who enjoy creating music. The advantage of earning a music production online degree is that you can remain in your current job while training for a career that you will enjoy.

Music production school may be the appropriate decision for you to prepare for your future. Music production colleges can provide you with skills that can be applied to a variety of vocations in the music industry and engineering and production.

Every musician should have a basic understanding of music recording, and every sound engineer should have a basic understanding of music. It is easy to learn online music creation and subsequently apply those skills to work in sound engineering, regardless of whether or not music is involved.

However, knowing your personal goals and having an idea of your specialization will help you choose a music production school that will provide you with the types of training that will be most beneficial to you in your career.

Some institutions may focus primarily on music theory and performance, with fewer recording and mixing classes, while others will place a focus on technology. Finding the proper mix of interests is important when looking for music production schools that offer online degrees.

Online Music Production Bachelor’s Degree Information

Although a bachelor’s degree isn’t totally required to become an audio engineer, many people find that having this foundational degree under their belt is a fantastic way to lock in a good education while pursuing a music production online degree.

You’ll take many courses in your major with a bachelor of science (BS), bachelor of arts (BA), or a bachelor of fine arts (BFA) degree. Still, you’ll also take general education classes like English composition, math, or science, humanities courses like psychology or anthropology, and other useful classes.

Music theory and history, recording and mixing, industry software training like Pro Tools or Ableton, music business, and often particular music applications like sound design for gaming or animation are all covered in a music production bachelor’s degree online.

Many institutions also offer music performance or songwriting lessons, and nearly all of them include classes where you may build demo reel projects. The cost of a complete program or degree in music production might vary greatly.

An associate’s degree in music production offered online might cost as little as $30k or more than $60k. A bachelor’s degree in music production online can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $120,000 or more.

However, scholarships and student aid are available for degree-granting programs, and many students do not pay the whole quoted fee. While getting your music production degree online is expensive, it is less expensive than attending a residential school because you may continue in your present living situation while attending one of the best music production schools in the country.

This article will list some of the best colleges for music production that offer excellent online degrees, so take a look and see what motivates you to pursue your passion for sound.

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Online AS in Music Production from Los Angeles Film School

The total cost is $37,100.

The online program offers students the opportunity to take a wide range of music-related courses. The online AS in Music Production from the Los Angeles Film School takes 20 months to finish and offers a total of 60 credits, including many music-specific courses.

Students spend the majority of their time focusing on technical and creative abilities for music production and general education classes in mathematics, behavioural science, and creative writing.

There is even a music business management course to help students prepare for professional careers. Sequencing technology, theory and composition, digital recording, digital audio workstations, mixing, music copyright and commerce, and advanced production and industry skills are all covered in music courses.

Students are provided with the production equipment they will need to complete their degree and get a start in the music industry, including a MacBook Pro, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Suite, headphones, MIDI keyboard, USB audio interface, a condenser mic, and more.

The LA Film School curriculum is a terrific online school for students who desire a speedy start in their professional career with all the gear and skills they will need to make a mark in music or sound design.

Online AA in Music Production from AAU

The total cost is $63,853.

Academy of Art University’s online AA in Music Production program provides students with a solid foundation in music creation and editing. The curriculum consists of 18 liberal arts credits, 33 core credits, and 15 major credits.

Music theory, production, history of the recording industry, cinematic music, Pro Tools, mixing, songwriting, Ableton Live Certification, and music editing are among the courses available.

Music production students will learn music in a digital setting with a large online art community. Collaboration with Motion Picture & Television, Animation & Visual Effects, and Game Design students allows the opportunity to integrate music with visuals. Professional musicians and sound designers teach the courses.

The AAU associate’s degree is an excellent entry point for students seeking technical, professional, and production abilities in a highly interactive and successful online format.

Bachelor of Music Performance and Pedagogy from Calvary University

Cavalry University’s online Bachelor of Music in Music Performance and Pedagogy provides three performance options: instrumental, piano, or voice. The program includes a course in music technology as well as good foundations in music theory, history, and literature. The program is completed with theology, mathematics, physics, and English composition classes.

Calvary University educates students from a biblical worldview incorporated throughout the curriculum. Online students can learn practically anywhere, and military and full-time ministry employees receive a discounted tuition fee. Calvary welcomes and supports international students, and the music department has a strong professional and Christian orientation.

A BM from Cavalry University is an excellent option for students of faith who desire to learn music production in a community of like-minded individuals.

The total cost of a Bachelor of Music Performance and Pedagogy degree from Calvary University is $54,774.

BS in Music Production, Full Sail University

Total Cost: $62,975

The online BS in Music Production at Full Sail University offers a comprehensive education for students wishing to become true professionals in the music production industry, with a full range of music and recording classes and an accelerated pace.

The emphasis is on music development and production, with a particular emphasis on music production for the entertainment business. Popular Culture in the Media, Topics in Music Theory, Sequencing Technology, Audio Arts in the Entertainment and Media Industries, and Game Music Composition are just a few of the courses available.

The degree is offered in a 29-month accelerated model that is entirely online, with scholarships and financial aid available. Music production majors can purchase Full Sail’s Project Launchbox, which includes a full complement of recording and producing equipment, for a fee, while other resources, such as textbooks, are included in the tuition price. Once you start the program, the tuition fee is fixed, so you won’t have to worry about it rising during your studies.

The BS in Music Production from Full Sail University is an excellent online music production degree for students who seek a comprehensive and supportive program that will provide them with all of the professional abilities they will need to be successful.

BS in Audio Production, Full Sail University

Total Cost: $63,375

Full Sail University focuses on training professionals in the media and entertainment industries. The online BS in Audio Production program is for people who want to advance in their audio production careers.

It is designed for self-starters, and provides students with the skills and information they need to become independent audio producers. This cutting-edge accelerated program is a 29-month, totally online program.

The curriculum focuses on a different component of the music business each month, such as recording principles, song structure, sound design for games, recorded music history, audio workstations, and music business foundations.

The program offers coursework in professional writing, physics, psychology, mathematics, and English composition and high-quality sound and music courses. Months are dedicated to project and portfolio creation in addition to acquiring skills.

Online BFA in Music Production-Academy of Arts

The BFA in Music Production delves deeper into the concepts covered in the AA program. Students will get a comprehensive understanding of the music production process, including the newest music production software, recording, editing, and mixing techniques. BFA students will create a demo reel in their final year that showcases their greatest music creation for visual media (film, animation, games, and web media).

The curriculum consists of 132 credits, with 42 credits in the major, 45 credits in liberal arts, 36 credits in the core, and nine credits in electives.

The total cost of the online BFA in Music Production at the Academy of Art University is $127,661.

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