The NYSC scheme brings together a mix of people from different communities, background, culture, religion and languages. Such inter cultural mix can bring a surprising array of new amazing development in terms of relationship and societal growth.

Today we are going to consider how the presence of corp members can bring positive impact into the lives of their host communities. There are simply a lot of things that corp members can contribute to their host communities if they look around them and search for  new things in their culture or background that can be intergrated in their new community.

Whether serving in the rural or urban corp members have opportunity to add a touch of themselves to their host community. They need to make their host community to feel their impact and leave them better than they have met it.

What are specific ways that corp members can add impact to their host community?


Improved Interaction

When corp mebers get to their host communities that is usually meant to be far away from their home they found that people are really different and have different cultures and life style. Some of the cultures and attitudes of your host community can really be strange and new to most corp members.

It actually serves as an eye opener to the differences between different Nigerian communities. At first these cultures and way of life can seem impossible for corp members to adopt. They might prefer to look down on them and avoid imbibing those cultures. On the contrary it is advisable that corp members find ways to mix up with their new culture.

Starting from the language corp members can learn one or two greeting and simple things from these cultures. They too can teach one or two things from their culture to the people around them.

Their taste in food could be another area in which corp members can integrate with. Some of their food can be shocking at first but trying to learn to enjoy them is not a bad thing to do. You can also share your own cultural food with your host community.

This interaction of corp members with their host communities can go a long way to bring appreciation of the cultural differences and to easily accept and understand people from the different backgrounds. Thus this helps in achieving the goal of love, unity and integration among communities which is a priority in the aim of the NYSC scheme.



There are countless of awarded and non awarded services, projects and benefits that the corp members have brought to their host community. The community development service serves as a good front for corp members to express kindness and bring impact to their host community.

Especially in the town, and village areas corp members can contribute a lot to their host community but that does not discredit the fact thet there are opportunities for corp members to serve city communities. Examples of community development projects in the past by corp members include: procurement and installation of electricity transformer, digging of boreholes, skill acquisition seminars, provision of rehabilitation centers, donation of sewing machines, renovation of classroom, provision of schools, equipping of laboratories, legal aid, constructing of sport fields, donation of drugs and the list remains countless. These show the impact that individual corp members can bring to their host community.

The group community development service also has played it roles in many ways to serve it communities. The charity group usually donates wears, provisions and other necessity to different parts of their community. The environmental group can instill the need to be clean to their community. There is always one or two things that each group can contribute to their host community.

This would really go a long way to increase the good feeling and goodwill of this host community and appreciation of people from other parts of Nigeria.


Inculcating Useful Habits

Having gone through university and developed some sense of maturity corp members can teach their host communities many rich values. Many of these communities are not that educated and have a lot of young ones who they can instill useful habits to. They can teach them the culture to read, they can improve their spoken language through teaching, and they can teach them vital behaviourial attitudes that can shape them as young ones.


Serving as Role Models

These young ones in the host community of corp members usually see them as role models. They definitely would yearn and long to be like them some day especially when corpers show admirable qualities. Corp members should thus be motivated to live to their best character so that these young ones can learn from them.

Over the years corp members has really proved to be agents of goodwill and positive impact on their host community. Most of them have left lasting mark in the sand of these communities that has continued to unite and improve the relationship across the country even after they have gone.

I hope you too would continue this impact in your new host community. I wish you a lot of grease to your elbow.  See you some time later. If you love this article or any other I’ll appreciate it if you let me know. Thank you

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