Should I Go for my National Youth Service?

Are you among those set of people who are confused if to go for the 1-year national youth service? If yes, then find a quick answer to your question now. Here you will see a clear reason why you should or shouldn’t go for NYSC. Find out here if you should

Should I go for National youth service

Yea, we know that a lot of graduates today express hesitancy towards the notion of going for the National Youth Service, and they intelligently back it with a lot of scary and uncomfortable reasons.

On top of the list for such reasons is that NYSC is a complete waste of one year, running around one unknown village, when a lot of jobs out there are seeking employees with say 5-10 years experience.

To so many who attempt to back away from the compulsory national service, I was just like you some years back, and you might be surprised when I tell you that many blessings await you right from the camp, if you would learn to seize the opportunities that come with your one year of serving your fatherland.

I do not blame a lot of people who would rather enter business straight after school instead of going for their compulsory service because any chance of gaining a surprising opportunity while in service to them is more like playing gamble i.e., 1/999,999 chances.

That might be kind of true in the past. Things have changed recently, though.

Just some few years in 2012 NYSC introduced a new scheme into its program called NYSC Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) Project.



The target of this project is to promote self reliance among Nigerian Youths through entrepreneurial development and skill acquisition. With the teeming over 200,000 graduates who pass through the NYSC every year without jobs, the government has seen an urgent need to introduce this program in order to tackle the high unemployment rate.



What could be better than an entrepreneurial development and skill acquisition program? Let us consider some of the benefits that make this project unique.


Job Creation

I think, in my opinion, that it is the best solution to the obvious problem of unemployment in our nation. The high percentage of unemployed youths cannot all fit into the scanty handful of jobs in our part of the world.

Rather than watch our youth fold hands and legs in the house, or cause more problems in the street, this skill acquisition and entrepreneurship program has been prepared  to train and raise many graduates to be boss of their own and as well create job opportunities for many other unemployed citizens.


Skills Acquisition

In the job market, what is of utmost value to companies are skills, or what you can do and handle better and not how much grade you have. A lot of students leave school without these skills because they were fed with a lot of theories in the university. This SAED program offers a lot of these skills and abilities that you would certainly need in most companies or that would benefit you if you choose to start off on your own.


Free Of Charge

Outside the NYSC most of these skills are hard to come by. If you ever find any you will have to burn an exorbitant amount of cash and stress learning them. Around us one or two organizations might be benevolent enough to offer these courses free of charge but most often than not most of us have to hustle to grab a slot into this free package or simply are unlucky.

You don’t have to struggle that hard if you are lucky to be on your way for national service. This opportunity would rush you like a plate of gold dropped right on your laps starting from the camp.



There is also something else about this program that is so unique. In every state there are expert NYSC staffs that would guide and monitor your progress in every step of the way. These supervisors would ensure you are attached to organizations that would boost you career and goals.

Even after camp, you can be assured of their guidance and support. This support cannot be underestimated because they ensure that you progress and succeed in your skill acquisition program before your one-year runs out.



In the effort of the government to be successful in this SAED scheme they have come into partnership and collaboration with a lot of key organizations in the public and private sectors. The partnership or collaboration comes are in two categories: (I) technical and (II) financial.

The technical partner provides the needed training to the interested and enrolled corp members. These technical parties are sought by SAED staff at both national and state levels. These NYSC staffs are tasked to find competent and credible organizations for the different components of the SAED project.

The financial partners on the other hand are key players in the public and private sectors such as SMEDAN, NDE, NBTI and others who at both national and state-level would provide funding for the NYSC SAED program. They make it possible for corp members to receive this training by paying off nearly 80% of the total cost of the course program.



You might begin to ask, “After all this where is the money to start the business?”

Well you would be pleased to learn that NYSC has made a lot of provisions to provide financial assistance to corp members who are enrolled in the SAED program.  I am very sure you would like to know what these offers look like. That would be for another day. (In another article I would highlight financial opportunities available to all SAED members as well as all corp members)


So to my skeptical and anxious friends still contemplating NYSC, there is a lot of opportunities out there awaiting you in NYSC. I have just mentioned the exciting, free and promising NYSC SAED project. (The various programs this SAED offers and how to make a choice would come in a future article)

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