A Day in an NYSC CDS Group: ICPC

A Day in an NYSC CDS Group: ICPC – Independent Corrupt Practices Commission

Today, I would love to take you through a trip in another NYSC CDS group. That would be ICPC – Independent Corrupt Practices Commission.

Many love this CDS group for the idea behind it and not for the process in it. It carries the idea of sensitizing the public on the cankerous menace of corruption eating off our country and to analyze the effects and aftermath of these corrupt practices.

I would be describing the NYSC CDS group from the view point of one of such CDS group in Ogun state.


CDS group:            ICPC – Independent Corrupt Practices Commission

mission statement:   To educate communities around them about the value of living a corrupt free and assisting them to understand the role of ICPC to rid Nigeria corruption through lawful enforcement and preventive measures.

Vision statement      a Nigeria free from all forms of corruption and corrupt practices.


opening of meetings

Meetings here start at 10.00am. At this time corp members are expected to be settling down for the meetings to start. The president at this time stands to welcome the group. He then calls for the singing of the national anthem which heartily followed by the NYSC anthem. A prayer is then said. Everybody then sits for the meeting to formally start.

The secretary is then called to come and read the minutes of the last meeting. After the reading of the minutes if there is any objector the floor is given to him to make his claim. In view of no more corrections someone motions to adopts the minutes read and is seconded by another fellow.

Important matters concerning the group are then talked about. If there is any training or education on the practices of the ICPC then it is then carried on.

If there should be an outdoor activity for the day the group moves out to carry it out.


INDOOR meetings

It appears most often that there is anything much carried out here. It is here that ICPC inculcates integrity training into the corp members so that they can spread anti-corruption messages to the grassroots. This includes much talking on how the ICPC carries out there activities and before weeks the training is already exhausted and so nothing much to train on after that.

Any matter belonging to financial expenses, social activity, and outdoor activities planning is also discussed. Apart from that it is just the normal chatting and making friends.



as understood corruption in Nigeria undermines democratic institutions, retards economic development and contributes to government instability. Nigeria’s corruption level has attacked the foundation of our democratic institutions by distorting electoral processes, perverting the rule of law, and creating bureaucratic quagmires whose only reason for existence is the soliciting of bribes.

To be able to fight that we all need to put our hands and heads together and be determined to root it out one after the other in each of us. The clubs duty to their host community is to educate and sensitize them on these matters in their own little way to support the goals of the ICPC.

This sensitizing activity includes driving, and patrolling through the roads with large banners and creating awareness in different ways to the public.

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Closure of Meeting

“Is there anyone who has any other matter to be discussed? The CLO would demand.

“If there is none let someone go for the adjournment of this meeting”

Someone rises and says, “I KW/15A/3564 move for the adjournment of this meeting.”

“I KW/14B/2176 second’, hurriedly goes another member of the group.



The officials found in a certain Education group that I located are as follows:

President/CLO: takes charge during meeting and every other affairs of the group.

Secretary: writes the minutes of the meeting and call the attendees and the permission of absentees.

Vice Secretary: assists the secretary in his duties and replaces him when he is absent.

Financial Secretary: collects and keeps financial records

Sports Director: oversees matters concerning sporting activities of the CDS group.



Whiles payment of monthly dues is important for every CDS group there seem to be little attention to payment of fines in this group in Ogun that I visited. Upon asking, the following are the list of dues and fines I collected:

Monthly dues – N100

Absenteeism from CDS – N100

Lateness to meeting – N100



Certain benefits that corp members can have in this group include:

  • Getting closer to the host community
  • Contributing and fostering public support in the fight against corruption.
  • Having a sense of accomplishment.
  • To be adequately equipped to advise, instruct and officer, agency, or parastatal on ways by which corruption can be eliminated or reduced by them.
  • To serve as a good recommendation during job search.


That is as much as we can take on this CDS group. I think this would give you a better clue of what ICPC looks like and maybe to plan ahead on how to contribute your quarter if you found yourself in that CDS group.

At www.awajis.com/nysc we are dedicated to assist you and give all the info you need as you go through your service year. I hope to see you on another page of our articles on this blog. Thank you for being here.

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