Npower Recruitment 2021/2022 – Guide + Latest News

2021 Npower Recruitment(Batch C) process has started.  Download the application form for Npower Nigeria Recruitment 2021 Online or Learn how to Register using their official portal

In this article, I will tell you all about the N-power recruitment, Npower application requirements and qualifications, and how to register for Npower 2021 recruitment, new login portal, npower news today 2021.

NPower LATEST NEWS: NYSC Biometric Verification process for Batch “C” applicants in 2021 is currently ongoing.

The 2021/2022 Npower registration portal is now open for both Nigerian graduates and non-graduates.

Npower Programme Categories

The Npower program is divided into 3 Npower categories:

  1. N-Power Volunteer Corps (For Graduates)
  2. N-Power Knowledge (For Non-Graduates)
  3. N-Power Build (For Non-Graduates)

Let’s discuss these categories in brief.

Npower Volunteer Corps (Graduate Programmes)

npower volunteer

The Npower volunteer corps which is for graduate consist of 4 distinct programmes, namely N-power Agro, N-power health, N-power teach, N-power tax.

1. N-Power Agro

The Federal Government is engaging 100,000 Nigerian graduates for the N-power Agro programme who will be responsible for providing advisory services to farmers across the country.

In addition to that, the N-power agro volunteer will help in spreading government knowledge in agriculture and extension and also gather relevant data on agriculture.

You will be trained in the N-power volunteer Corp programme as Agriculture Extension Advisers.

You (as an N-power Agro Volunteer) will engage in a 2-year Skill Acquisition program while providing knowledge and science to our Farmers to boost production.

2. N-Power Health

N-Power Health Volunteers will be saddled with the responsibility in assisting to improve and promote preventive healthcare in their assigned communities to pregnant women and children and to families and individuals of other vulnerable members of the society.

3. N-Power Teach

The N-Power Teach programme seeks to engage volunteers in other to promote basic education delivery in Nigeria.

As an N power teach volunteer, you will be deployed as deployed in your community as teacher assistants in primary schools. You will only be an assistant teacher rather than replace the main teacher.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, or any computer programming, computer graphics design knowledge, e.t.c., is highly appreciated.

4. N-Power Tax

N-Power tax is concerned with encouraging non-compliant and partially compliant taxpayers to voluntarily declare their accurate income.

As an N Power tax volunteer, one of your responsibilities is to assist the government to persuade taxpayers to pay the appropriate tax

N-Power Knowledge (Non-Graduate Programmes)

The N-Power Knowledge program is the Federal Government of Nigeria’s method to diversifying to a knowledge economy.

The program consists of ‘Training to Jobs’ initiative, which is designed to participants trained in other to engage in the marketplace in an outsourcing capacity, as freelancers, as employees, and as entrepreneurs.

The N-Power Knowledge consists of the N-power creative, N-Power Tech Hardware, and N-Power Tech software.

1. N-Power Creative

The N-Power Creative program will train and develop 5,000 young creative talents in areas like Animation, Graphic Design, and Script Writing.

The objective of this training is to put Nigeria’s creative industry on the global radar as exporters of world-class services and content.

N-Power Creative training will last for 3 months. Of these 3 months, you’ll spend one (1) month of the training period in class and the remaining two (2) months accomplishing hands-on group projects across selected Nigerian cities.

2. N-Power Tech Hardware

N-Power Tech Hardware is designed to empower at least 10,000 computer device technicians into the ICT Industry.

The goal of N-Power Tech Hardware is to train a few selected individuals in other to promote the production of local mobile phones, tablets, computers, and help boost the Nigerian manufacturing industry.

For you to qualify for N-Power Tech Hardware you must be between the ages of 18 and 35 and must have been a Nigerian unemployed graduate or non-graduate.

3. N-Power Tech Software

The N-Power Tech software is another N-Power Knowledge programme designed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to empower 10,000 Software Developers into the ICT Industry.

Through the N-Power Tech software programme, participants will be able to have a solid foundation in tools that can help them pursue a career as a software developer.

N-Power Build (Non-Graduate Programme)

The N-Power Build is a training and certification (Skills to Job) programme designed to train and engage 75,000 unemployed Nigerian youths in order to build a new set of a skilled workforce of technicians, artisans and service professionals.

Participants of the N-Power Build programme will have the options of focusing in any of the below services.

  • Building Services
  • Construction
  • Built Environment Services
  • Utilities
  • Automotive
  • Aluminium and Gas

Available Npower campaigns + Job Details

 Federal Government N-Power Build, Tech and Creative Nigeria VIEW JOB DETAILS
Federal Government N-Power Tech Corps Programme Nigeria VIEW JOB DETAILS
Federal Government N-Power Agro Corps Programme Nigeria VIEW JOB DETAILS

N-power Recruitment Requirement

  • Unemployed graduates or non-graduates
  • Must be between 18-35 years old
  • Basic illustration skills will be an advantage for animation and graphic arts
  • For Script Writing, creative writing skills and analytical writing skills will be an advantage
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to undertake self-tutorship
  • Detail-oriented
  • Analytical

2021 Npower Registration Requirements

These are information/facts that should be readily available before to head to your cyber cafe or computer for 2020 Npower registration.

  • WAEC, NECO or NABTEC Result
  • A good result (more good grades the better chances)
  • An Email
  • Full Name ( this should be the name indicated on your result)
  • Phone Number
  • Sex
  • Marital Status
  • Address
  • Mother Madian Name
  • State
  • LGA
  • You must be a Nigerian

Npower Application Procedure for 2021

npower application process

How to Apply For N-power Recruitment

  1. Visit the official NPower registration portal homepage via or

2. Select the category you wish to apply from the options of N-power Knowledge, N-power Volunteer corps and N-power build.

After which, you’ll be provided with other options to choose from.

3. After selecting the category you wish to apply for, you will be able to view the “Apply Now” button.

4. Now fill the application form you will be provided with care. Ensure you read through before filling.

Also, ensure you have your credentials handy as you will be required to upload them to the platform.

Hence, if you don’t have the softcopies of all your credentials, you might want to go and scan them as they are needed.

5. After you have successfully filled the online application, you can now go ahead and click on the submit button.

After that, you’ll be provided with your “NPower Registration Number”. It is with that number you’ll be able to log in for an aptitude test, follow up on your recruitment status.

2021 Npower Registration Deadline?

A deadline has not been announced yet. The Npower Recruitment 2021 application closing date was not specified. However, we are going to inform you, once we get hold of the application closing date.

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How to Contact Npower

If you wish to contact Npower, below are the official contact details on Npower Nigeria.

PHONE: 08104000042, 07013000448, 08155000502, 08180000832

EMAIL: [email protected]

That’s all for Npower Recruitment 2021/2022.

I hope this article helps? Feel free to leave a comment if you encounter any issues applying for the Npower Recruitment 2021/2022.

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    • don’t wait for sms. please use ur phone number & BVN to login to n-power site. If your data supplied during application is correct ur’ll see ur profile created in their site. Then I’ll proceed and write the test. Don’t wait for sms.

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