NPower Biometric Guide: How to Download, Install and Use the Application

NPower Biometric: How to Download, Install and Use the Application on Your Computer.

Hello NPower Batch C applicants and business center/ online services providers, here is an ultimate guide on how to successfully install the NPower Biometric Application on your computer (laptop or desktop computer).

However, if you are using windows 7, Kindly note that this application will not work. Also, don’t try installing it on your smartphone because it won’t function.

From my own personal observation, I’ve seen that its works perfectly well on Windows 10 and Windows 10 OS.

NOTE: This app really works on 64bits system only.

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How to Install the NPower Biometric App

Below are the step by step guide on to install the NPower biometric application on your PC.

– Firstly, to download the application.

Secondly, download and install Biometrics Prerequisite for either 64bit or 32bit A uandU digital persona Finger Print Scanner software.

– After you downloaded the above, proceed to download and install .NET Desktop Runtimes (please note that we have .NET ASP runtime which is meant for web hosting server and we also have .NET Desktop Runtime).

NOTE:  Avoid downloading .NET ASP runtime coz it will not work. However, ensure to have read the instructions carefully and download .NET Desktop Runtime 64bit or 32bit version.

Recommend: Downloads the Installer instead of the Binary files.

Below are the links you can us to download the installer from, for different Windows operating system;

– Upon installing the installers, click and then click on the “Install” button that displays after clicking the link.

This will download a setup.exe (executable file) of 8kb size.

-After the setup.exe file has finish downloading, double click on the setup.exe file and install it.

NOTE: You must have an active internet connection oo.

This will enable you to connect to the NASIMS (NPOWER) server, and prompt the N-Power Batch C applicant to download the offline software.

Lastly, switch to you system desktop and double click on the NASIMS icon to launch the app.

Upon launching the app, the login interface will show and all you need to do is to do is to login with applicants APPLICATION ID NUMBER and PASSWORD for verification.

Final Word

Please ensure to have the A UandU digital persona Finger Print Scanner connected to your system.


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