Top Best Healthy Nigerian Dinner Meals Ideas


Are you a fan of Nigerian food? Then you will love the Healthy Nigerian Dinner Ideas in this article. Dinner is an essential meal in the day, and it is eaten in the evening. A typical Nigerian dinner is easy to prepare, delicious and plenty enough to be satisfying. 

The word ‘dinner’ can be etymologically traced to the French word ‘disner’, which means ‘to dine’. Dinner usually is eaten in the evening, as it is typically referred to as ‘night food’ in Nigeria.

Though there is a lot of controversies emanating from the quantity of food one should consume in the evening, no one will deny that dinner is enormously vital to the body. It is why we emphasise that a Nigerian dinner must be healthy and nutritious.

Below here are the list of healthy Nigerian dinner ideas


Healthy Nigerian Dinner Ideas

Few dishes combine ease to prepare with deliciousness like Gizdodo. Primary ingredients in Gizdodo is gizzard and dodo (ripe plantain).

Some persons do enjoy eating it with Jollof or coconut rice. The meal is very healthy and nutritious, and it is rich in protein, vitamins and fibre. Gizdodo should make your Nigerian dinner ideas.

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Unripe Plantain Porridge

Healthy Nigerian Dinner Ideas
Unripe plantain porridge

Unripe plantain is a popular dish in Nigeria. Known for its richness in iron and vitamin, the meal is a great healthy Nigerian dinner idea. It is known locally as ‘Ubobok Ukom’ in Ibibio parlance.

The unripe plantain has been medically proven to contain more nutrients than its ripe counterpart. It is also recommended for the diabetic, and those trying to lose weight.

Yam and Fish Stew

Healthy Nigerian Dinner Ideas
Fish and yam stew

This meal is a native Nigerian meal which is enjoyed by all Nigerians. Those who live in the western and eastern part of the country know how popular the meal is.

It is accessible on the stomach and satisfying at the same times. It is also nutritious in carbohydrate, protein, and mineral.

Spaghetti and Beef stew

Healthy Nigerian Dinner Ideas
Spaghetti and Beef stew

This meal is hugely popular and known for its ability to taste good in any way its prepared. It is called pasta by westerners since it originates from there, but it has become a staple dish in Nigeria, it is quite ubiquitous.

The meal can also be prepared in several ways, with stew or as Jollof. It is fortified with iron, fibre and vitamin B. It is why it is should be foremost when you are considering healthy Nigerian dinner ideas.

Dodo and Fried egg

dodo and eggs

No doubt, plantains (dodo) are healthy for the body. The best way to enjoy them is when they are eaten with fried eggs. That is a dish no one says to.

Highly delicious and rich in vitamin A and B. a critical fact about this dish is apart from its ease to cook; it is cheap to prepare. You will solely enjoy dodo and egg if it is among your healthy Nigerian dinner ideas.

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Boiled potatoes and vegetable stew

Healthy Nigerian meal
Potatoes and veggie

A good thing about eating boiled potatoes is that it satisfies fast. Potatoes and vegetable stew is enriched with enough vitality and nutrient. It is why you should consider its preparation because it is a healthy meal. Potatoes is good for the heart. It has low cholesterol and high in fibre and vitamins.