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Nigerian Air Force Salary Update (2021 Salary Review).

Nigerian Air Force Salary, How much does an Airforce personnel earn in a month? NAF Worker Monthly Salary. See the whooping some of money consumed by the Nigerian airforce personnel per month here. 

Nigerian Air Force Salary

The Nigerian Air Force personnel are determined by the National Salary, Incomes, and Wages Commission (NSIW) salaries just like other civil services in Nigeria.

Their salary structure is also fully based on the Consolidate Armed Forces Salary Structure (CONAFSS). The Nigerian Air Force salaries are equally paid according to the rank of the personnel’s and their earnings altogether are between…

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There are two types of officers in the Nigerian Air Force, that’s the commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

Below is the salary of all commissioned/non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian Air Force from the highest rank to the lowest rank:

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NAF Commissioned Officers Salary Structure

Ranks Monthly Salary
Pilot Officer ₦187,000
Flying Officer ₦218,000
Flight Lieutenant ₦232,000
Squadron Leader ₦248,000
Wing Commander ₦342,000
Group Captain ₦352,000
Air Commodore ₦677,000
Air Vice-Marshal ₦1.37 million
Air Marshal ₦1.5 million
Air Chief Marshal ₦1.7 million

NAF Non-Commissioned Officers Salary Structure

Ranks Monthly Salary
Aircraftman ₦53,800
Lance Corporal ₦55,800
Corporal ₦58,600
Sergeant ₦69,200
Staff Sergeant ₦87,100
Warrant Officer ₦101,900
Master Warrant Officer ₦165,700
Air Warrant Officer ₦171,800


Yes, the above-listed amount of money is the amount of money that is being consumed by the Nigerian Air Force personnel in a month depending on their rank.

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