2016 NECO Specimens (All Subjects)

Below is the 2016 NECO SSCE Specimen

Just click on any of the subjects to view.


Agric Science



Animal Husbandry

Please Note that Neco does not send out specimen for the GCE external Exams. If you one of those preparing for GCE. We do not have specimens for you. The ones on the page are for June July candidate. We do have neco gce time table though. Check it out here

Click here for the 2020 Neco Specimens for Agric, Biology, etc

Hey you, Remember how last year, We gave you real 2014 Neco specimen for Chemistry, Neco Specimen for Agric, 2014 Neco Specimen for Physics and Neco 2014 Specimen for Biology.

And the year before, we gave you the 2020 Neco Specimen for Agric, 2020 Neco specimen for Biology, Neco specimen 2020 for Chemistry and Physics. We have now provided you with this year’s own. Neco 2020


Ps: Here is a link to the NECO 2020 Official TimeTable
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