Mbasaan Street Zip Codes | Nigeria Postal Codes & Zip Codes


Mbasaan Street Zip Codes | Nigeria Postal Codes & Zip Codes.

Mbasaan Streets Zip Codes – Here today, I will list out to you the different streets in Mbasaan, including their postal zip code.

Mbasaamn is one of the most visited local government areas in Benue state with over ten (10) streets that make up the LGA.

It is notable that each district in the Benue state contains several locations/streets and all or some streets in any district may have the same Zip code.

Below are the lists of areas in Mbasaan and their postcodes:

Location Postcode
Antso 970104
Cheakiyne 970104
Gogo 970104
Ichergbe 970104
Ijoh 970104
Iye 970104
Kaseyo 970104
Peregh 970104
Torkula 970104
Toura 970104
Tse-Akenyi 970104
Ubo 970104
Ukaa 970104
Umenger 970104
Yeshewe 970104

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