Can You Get Masters Without Bachelors

The question of whether you can pursue a master’s degree without a bachelor’s degree is mainly dependent on the master’s degree you wish to pursue.

A master’s degree can be obtained without a bachelor’s degree. However, it is uncommon, and most universities require you first to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Some universities offer courses that do not require a bachelor’s degree. We’ll walk you through the numerous strategies to earn a master’s degree without a bachelor’s degree. Just keep in mind that many universities are still highly conservative, and earning a bachelor’s degree is still compulsory.

How to Get a Master’s Degree Without a Bachelor’s

Whereas the majority of universities expect graduate school candidates to possess a bachelor’s degree, few universities still take into account other factors, such as genuine employment experience, rather than an undergraduate degree.

Do you realize that only 34% of adults in the United States have a bachelor’s degree?

The vast majority of people do not have a bachelor’s degree. Even fewer, 9.2%, have a master’s degree.

If you are just one of many people that do not possess a bachelor’s degree but want to pursue a master’s degree, you can do so. Some higher institutions will consider your work experience as well as any certifications or credentials you may have. However, it is crucial that you conduct extensive research.

Take Advantage of Your Professional Background

There is no better way to learn than via hands-on experience, and many universities are starting to realize this.

Students in a master’s program will often discover principles that you may possibly have first-hand familiarity with within your work career.

You may be unaware of them as educational theories. Because of this, you gain a tremendous deal of value from your own experiences, whether or not those concepts work out.

That expertise is easily comparable to, if not superior to, that of someone who has completed a bachelor’s degree and is enrolling for a master’s degree right out of college.

If you do have working experience, whether it’s in marketing, finance, or as a software engineer, those years can be beneficial in graduate admissions. In your resume or cover letter, you can discuss your work history, whether you were an employee or a sole proprietor.

Universities like Southern Cross University will evaluate your work experience while considering applications, depending on the discipline. In most cases, you can get a master’s degree without the need for a bachelor’s degree, provided you have five years of real work experience or other certifications (such as an advanced diploma or other credentials). They also consider your work experience, which should be at least seven years, to determine if you qualify for credits or ‘Advanced Standing’ toward a postgraduate degree.

The University of Essex is yet another school that will take into account your professional experience rather than your bachelor’s degree. Students with no bachelor’s degree are accepted into their online MBA program if they can demonstrate at least five years of previous management experience.

Using Your Degree in a Different Field

Many students are also faced with the problem of having a bachelor’s degree that is unconnected to the master’s program they want to pursue.

This is not a source of the problem, though. Many postgraduate programs accept a bachelor’s degree from a completely unrelated field.

For many students, the ability to obtain a graduate degree without having completed a relevant undergraduate degree can be quite beneficial.

Some people change their minds about what they’ll study and what career path they’ll take; others know they want to acquire an MBA but aren’t interested in studying business for four years.


We hope this article has given you some clarity on how to get a master’s degree with no bachelor’s degree. It’s growing in popularity as it’s recognized as a serious issue in several research fields.

However, make sure you conduct thorough research to determine which universities offer this education.

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